Tuesday, March 28

Fuel scarcity hits some parts of Lagos as anxiety and confusion mounts

There seems to be some level of anxiety and confusion in Lagos as fuel scarcity appears to have hit some parts of the state, especially the island axis.

There were unusual long queues of vehicle at various filling stations in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki, over the weekend trying to buy the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise known as petrol, which was thought to have been caused by increased demand of the product due to power blackout.

The long queues at the filling stations which has been causing traffic in those locations seem to have persisted on Monday morning despite improved power supply.

However, the situation appears to be different on the mainland part of Lagos as there have not been reported cases of long queues at filling stations or fuel scarcity, as it appears normal and stable.

This is coming at a time when the controversy on the petrol subsidy removal or otherwise still rages on.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, has always allayed fears of any hitch in the supply of petroleum products assuring of their availability, despite reported cases of scarcity of these products especially petrol, in some parts of the country.

Investigation by Nairametrics showed that there were long queue of vehicles on Awolowo road in Ikoyi, on Friday night, which caused a lot of gridlock on that axis. This situation persisted throughout the weekend and seems to have continued on Monday morning.

Nairametrics monitored some comments and observations of Twitter users on the fuel scarcity and long queue of vehicles on the island part of Lagos.

Traffic Updates in its tweet post said scarcity of fuel causes huge traffic jams in the island area of Lagos.

A twitter user, King Adewale Ojomo, in his tweet post alleged that the current fuel scarcity that is being experienced in some parts of Lagos is caused by importation of bad fuel that has the ability to damage cars.

The.PHAT.Lawyer in her tweet post said there is fuel scarcity in Lagos today adding that all filling stations on the island are closed.

RSS entertainment in a tweet post said that there is no fuel scarcity in Lagos State, attributing the long queues to increase in demand by users to power their generator due to the recent blackout in the state.

Madam Sunshine in her tweet post asked if there is fuel scarcity in Lagos as for 3 consecutive days she has been seeing long queues at filling stations on Awolowo road Ikoyi, both early in the morning and at night.