Friday, September 24

Fundación Triángulo denounces the damage caused to one of its vehicles in Cáceres

One of the Fundación Triángulo Extremadura vehicles, used in the campaign in favor of the Trans Law carried out in June and labeled with the colors of the trans flag, has appeared this Monday with various damages caused by the throwing of a paving stone.

A neighbor has contacted Triángulo through her social networks to alert about the damage that the vehicle had suffered, which was parked on a street in the city of Cáceres, near the IES Professor Hernández Pacheco, explained the foundation in a statement.

After that, Fundación Triángulo Extremadura has reported to the National Police, which has appeared at the scene of the event to learn the facts, and will present the pertinent complaint.

“We want to highlight that LGBTIphobia is still present in our society and that this type of hate message makes it necessary for us to continue fighting for our rights,” he concluded.

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