Sunday, January 16

Funds to entrench themselves against omicron

The new variable omicron has hit not only at stocks around the world, but to equity funds. However, and while doubts related to the transmission or its effects are cleared up, the investor is on time to invest in the most profitable funds of the year.

There are several ingredients that make these collective investment vehicles achieve spectacular returns, which have diluted the effect of the omicron in the markets.

Your investments are based on blockchain, which continues to rise thanks to the interest that exists among investors in positioning themselves in this technology related to the world of cryptocurrencies, but they also have positions in the financial sector, one of which benefited from the arrival of vaccines and return to the dividend as well as the energy sector.

Alcalá Multigestión, a flexible mix that stands out

A classic of the most profitable funds is the Alcalá Multi-management, it is a flexible mixed, which in the year scores a profitability greater than 90 percent, almost double the second most profitable fund in the category (and that they do not badly at all).

AND We say that it is a classic because last year it scored a profitability of 150 percent. The key for this fund to score this spectacular performance is that it combines its investment in the financial sector and technology in equal measure.

In this way, the largest positions include HIVE Blockchain Technologies, Argo Blockchain, Galaxy Digital Holdings, Bitfarms and ETHtec.

Erik Swords, gestor de BNY Mellon Blockchain Innovation Fund, points out that this technology is more present than ever and can help revalue portfolioss.

Beyond the immediacy of the pandemic, blockchain continues to find a more prominent role in global logistics. Used well, for example, it can guarantee optimum freshness of food from farm to plate ”, concludes the expert.

A traded fund that is supported by the rise in gas and oil

The raw materials supercycle, which began in the wake of the pandemic, has been uneven. But that has not dimmed the funds that invest in them.

Especially positive has been the evolution of funds exposed to raw materials, where the energy sector prevailedSince gas and oil prices have reached levels not seen for years due to economic openness, greater demand, a contained supply by producing countries and the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere.

Both energy funds and those exposed to commodities show double-digit returns, but the exchange-traded fund stands out especially iShares Oil and Gas Exploration Production Ucits, which gains nearly 80 percent on the year.

The vehicle has benefited from the rise in energy prices, which has had a positive impact on the shares of companies in the sector. The exchange-traded fund invests in Conoco Philipps and Canadian Natural Resources, among others.

Good news at last for the financial sector

The financial sector has been parked in the investor drawer for a long time.

Up to now. The arrival of vaccines and the rotation of growth sectors to others of value has favored them. But the prospects for increased profits, reduced provisions, a return to the dividend and expectations of rate hikes (at least from the Federal Reserve) have also acted as catalysts.

Among the funds in the sector, the Fidelity Funds Global Financial Services. This vehicle has a profitability of more than 30 percent so far this year and one year advances above 20 percent.

The big bet of the vehicle is the American bank, with positions in JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley or Wells Fargo among others. Your third quarter accounts, in which profit estimates have been beaten, have compensated for the weak lines still in credit, but sufficient for the good performance of the product.

For the remainder of the year, and with the permission of the omicron variant, they could continue to rise since the Fed’s roadmap has not changed (there is only speculation that the rate hike will be delayed for one month, from June to July) .