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Furor over the super chinstrap that could help contain the third wave

These masks, unlike what is offered on the market, not only have the differential of eliminating 99.98% of Coronavirus in all its strains, 100% of bacteria and fungi and washing 100 times, maintaining the same effectiveness, but that in addition They were conceived and designed to protect those who use them from becoming infected and in the event that the user was already infected, do not infect those around them., eliminating viruses expelled by speaking, coughing or sneezing. Of course, for this they must be used correctly, with the nasal clip and the elastic regulator that comes tensioned, to minimize leak points.

They should be washed with cold water and soap by hand, every 12 hours of effective use. “In other words, if you use them 12 hours a day, they last 100 days. But there are, for example, older people who use them 1 hour a day, to shop. In that case, the protection of that chinstrap lasts more than 3 years, there is no equal product in the global market, ”says Nanotech.

“Nanotech Salud is the exclusive representative of Smart Innovation for Argentina and Latam”, comments from Nanotech Salud. Our applied technology consists of a silicon matrix that transports the active agent, in this case it is benzalkonium chloride, where it is fixed to the fiber substrates”, they add.

Microscopic view of the active agent, fixed to the fabric.

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Nanotechnology Si Bac Pure

as described Mario Brito, Co-founder Mechanical Engineer and CEO of Smart Innovations, “is an antimicrobial solution that uses nanotechnology to add to different materials antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties with resistance greater than 100 textile washes, 5 years on paints, and several days via spray on surfaces. It does not use potentially dangerous heavy metals, such as silver or copper. Rather, it uses materials that are inert to humans such as silicon and a derivative of mineral salt. In addition, its manufacturing process is friendly to the environment.

The Nanotech Shields 7.3 social mask replaces the use of 300 disposable masks or between 10 and 30 masks made with ion nanotechnology that can be found on the market. They are worn 12 hours a day and washed up to 100 times. On the official website of the manufacturer its cost is $560, making it the solution for social use, with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market.

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How is a Nanotech Shields Chinstrap different from the rest?

The Nanotech Shields 7.3 mask has two types of protection: by shield, like traditional chinstraps, and by elimination through nanotechnology. The acronym 7.3 describes the 7 layers of protection applied to the 3 physical fabrics.

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“The first water-repellent treatment is intended to stop and repel aerosol droplets, then those viruses that remain in contact with the first layer of fabric (as with all chinstraps), encounter nanotechnology in the fiber of the fabric. , which is in charge of eliminating the virus that passed the first barrier or was retained in it”, indicates Brito.

Then, the second physical layer has a particle filter, in charge of receiving any virus that could have circumvented the first two protections. The third physical layer has another antiviral barrier on the way from the outside to the inside. The latter has the function, as in football, of being the last line of defense before reaching the respiratory tract.

Next, is located the reverse protection, which is located on the inner side of the mask and has a water-repellent treatment, responsible for stopping the aerosols released by the user when sneezing, for example. Then comes an antibacterial and fungicidal treatment, which eliminates 100% of the pathogen colonies that form inside all face masks, thus creating a much healthier space that allows them to be used for long hours without risk. Finally, antiviral protection is responsible for eliminating the virus, in the event that the user is a carrier of Covid-19 and it is directed abroad.

“This system was designed bidirectionally to take care of the user from the risks of the environment and to take care of the people in his environment in the event that the user is an asymptomatic carrier, helping to contain and minimize the spread of the virus”, they express from Nanotech Salud

To complement their technical and safety features, the chinstraps have a nose clip, elastic regulators to minimize leak points and an online traceability system for each piece, which makes it impossible to forge.

SI BAC PURE international certification

SI BAC PURE and its active agent have multiple quality and low impact certifications, such as the EPA and FDA of the United States OEKO-Performance 100 of Europe and its active agent is recommended by the World Health Organization in the fight against Covid.

On the other hand, Nanotech Shields also has two lines of products dedicated to prevention and protection: antivirals and repellents.

As for antivirals, paint additives make the painted surface (furniture, floors, walls and ceiling) antiviral and have the same property as chinstraps but provide 5 years of continuous protection on the treated surface. On the other hand, laundry and spray products provide protection for several days.

A Post-Covid Paradigm Shift

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“By combining these products, they allow us to create what we call “360-degree active antiviral spaces”, which are a hinge in the fight against nosocomial infections. Let’s imagine a hospital ward, an inpatient ward or an operating room that has the property of self-sterilizing 24 hours a day for 5 years. Our technology marks a paradigm shift, a before and after in health prevention. In addition, it allows the health system to save large amounts of money”, emphasizes Brito.

As for vector insect repellents, the firm develops sportswear, workwear and textiles made with mosquito-repellent and antibacterial nanotechnology that does not take on odor. “This line of products is aimed at preventing diseases and epidemics caused by bedbugs, flies and mainly mosquitoes, such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, yellow fever, malaria, among many others,” concludes the specialist.

Those who wish to acquire or learn more about the Nanotech Shields 7.3 social masks, can enter the following link. or to the web Pharmacies that wish to incorporate them can request them to [email protected]

Solidarity Campaign

Nanotech Salud SA together with the two-time world boxing champion Marcos Rene (Chino) Maidana and his boxing company ChinoMaidanaPromotions, will donate 10 “360-degree Active Antiviral Spaces”

They may apply by mail to, state, health or public welfare entities.