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Fusion HBO and Discovery would come out much earlier than expected | Digital Trends Spanish

The next streaming giant that Warner Bros. plans with the merger of HBO Max and Discovery would bring forward its entry onto the road of online movie and series services, according to a report.

Now in the last call of Profits of the company, WBD President and CEO David Zaslav said that the combined service will arrive in the United States earlier than expected in the spring of 2023, before this was planned to happen in the summer 2023.

The combined streaming services now have 94.9 million subscribers, with the vast majority of those to HBO and HBO Max, according to FierceWireless. That includes 2.8 million new subscribers, most of them (2.3 million) coming from foreign markets.

Along with the combined streaming service, WBD plans to launch its own free ad-supported streaming TV service (FAST) in 2023. “As the company with the largest television and film library in the industry… that allows us to distribute our content in multiple ways,” Zaslav said.

It’s not yet clear what form the combined streaming service will take or what it will be called. However, WBD recently began porting content from Discovery+ to HBO Max as Fixer Upper: The Castleand has become one of the top five shows in just a few days, Zaslav said.

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