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G2 Esports paves the way for esports: create a social club with NFTs

G2 Esports launches a collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain to become the best social club for gamers in the world. To do this, the Spanish electronic sports company has presented Samurai Army: Gen Zero, the largest social club created in the history of e-Sports. In the style of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club, players will be able to get exclusive access to rewards and much more.

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The brand, which has more than 35 million users worldwide, is using Solana’s NFT standard, Metaplex, to create its unique collection of NFTs. They will be inspired by its samurai logo and through them, the company will bring immediate and long-term value to its global community of gamers. At the moment, the company is organizing an Airdrop to launch its samurai NFTs for free to its community. The minting of the tokens is scheduled for next February, although the exact date is yet to be determined.

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G2 Esports, Solana and the NFTs

Those who want to access the exclusive players club will need to own one of the NFTs from the collection that G2 Esports will mint on the Solana blockchain. These NFTs will serve as a lifetime membership ticket or pass to the club. In this exclusive and unique space, players will be able to obtain rewards, attend meetings, events, activities or purchase digital items.

G2 Sports made its entry into the NFT market last year, when it launched a collection of non-fungible tokens in partnership with Bondly. At the time, the brand stated that its goal was to immortalize the most important and legendary moments in its history, giving back to its community with its legacy.

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Samurai Army: Gen Zero

Carlos Rodríguez, founder and CEO of G2 Esports, explained that Samurai Army is the result of many months of work and effort. “We’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to make sure we have a project that’s worthy of attention from the G2 army, but also from Web3 fans,” he noted. Rodríguez, indicates in his Linkedin profile that G2 Esports is an electronic sports organization based in Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany) and soon Los Angeles (CA). Rodríguez indicates that G2 is designed for esports to become mainstream for all kinds of target audiences.

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Samurai Army will take its gaming community to explore its ecosystem and history through mediums such as manga, comics, video and games, the company explained. The new club is also presented as an opportunity to increase interactions between players, develop a new virtual gaming economy and celebrate alliances and collaborations with major players in the e-Sports industry.

6.262 NFT de samurais en Solana

G2 Esports’ collection of samurai-themed NFTs is inspired by the brand’s logo. Each of the 6,262 NFTs to be released by the esports company will feature a randomly generated legendary samurai with unique attributes at the time of minting. Owners will be able to name their samurai NFTs however they like. These NFTs are the first the company is releasing as a lifetime membership pass to its new players club.

samurai army of g2 sports in solana

No environmental impact

G2 Esports is one of the largest esports organizations in the world. Through its new collection of NFTs, G2 Esports wants to create a new generation of games based on player experience. As he indicated on his Twitter account, he will use Solana’s Metaplex protocol to design his NFTs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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Solana is a scalability-focused blockchain, using a combination of consensus protocols to be highly efficient. In fact, in November of last year, its developers published a report on the energy efficiency of the network. Highlighting that its transactions consume much less energy than its rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even less than the future PoS network, Ethereum 2.0. Solana also compared her energy consumption to several of the common activities we do every day, such as doing a Google search or charging our mobile phone. In both cases, the operation of the blockchain is more efficient, he noted in his report.

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G2 Esports used the Polygon network to launch its collection of NFTs with Bondly in May 2021. The esports and gaming brand and community then indicated that its goal is to keep the environmental impact of NFTs as low as possible, something it can achieve based on in PoS networks.

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