Tuesday, January 18

Gabriel Boric, from student leader to millennial president of Chile

Correspondent in Santiago



Definitely, Gabriel Boric he was an unlikely candidate. At the beginning of the year, he was not even old enough to run for the Presidency of Chile because he just turned 35 in February. It was also unlikely because the left-wing candidate leading the polls was the communist Daniel Jadue whom he defeated by more than 400,000 votes in the presidential primaries.

In the past he had defeated another communist, the current deputy Camila Vallejos, from whom he took the presidency of the Student Federation of the University of Chile, When I was a student right. In 2009 he became known for leading a 44-day strike to overthrow the dean, which he succeeded. However, his time at that school was not crowned with success: he does not yet have the professional title because he was failed in the grade exam.

In 2011, together with other university leaders, he led the protests against the first government of Sebastián Piñera and in 2014 he broke into Congress with them when he was elected as a deputy by Magallanes. He has recognized that his only job has been to be a teaching assistant at the aforementioned school, since he effectively jumped from the classroom to politics.

Single, he has been in a relationship for two years with Irina Karamanos, a social scientist with studies in education, anthropology, cultural management and civic training, also a native like him from the southernmost region of Chile, Magallanes. She has been very supportive in times when Boric’s health has been affected. In October he revealed on Twitter that they had “voluntarily admitted” to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, A disease that he defined as “highly invasive thoughts, which force certain repetitive actions against which it is difficult to fight.”

“OCD is not just being orderly, very concerned about cleanliness or the cartoon that some movies have done lately. It is a permanent battle with the mind, which can affect daily life and is very exhausting. Fortunately, it also has a solution, “he explained in his publication.


Gabriel Boric spent his childhood and adolescence in the cold city of Punta Arenas, a place where his teachers from the paid private school ‘The British School’ remember him as a great poetry reader, philosophy, history and politics.

During the campaign, Jose Antonio Kast He criticized a series of interventions in the past of which he says today he regrets, such as when he claimed “the legacy” of the terrorist group Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez or celebrated a t-shirt that they gave him where the face of a right-wing senator appeared shot and that he was assassinated in 1991, at the beginning of democracy. On them he affirmed in the campaign that they were a “mistake” and asked for forgiveness.

Also, in his legislative career, he has had to repent of controversial votes that his supporters have criticized him for giving their support to the so-called anti-barricade law that sanctions the hooded people who protest, among others.

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