Thursday, January 27

GAECO-RS creates cyber division to combat cryptocurrency scams

The Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul, through the Special Action Group of
Combating Organized Crime (GAECO) created CyberGaeco, to combat scams with cryptocurrencies.

It is worth remembering that Brazil has been a constant target of hackers in recent years, as it is the largest country in Latin America in terms of economy and territorial extension. Thus, there are ongoing investigations by the national police into internet scams and crimes committed in this environment.

In the state, Provision No. 13/2019-PGJ already regulated the creation of an Integrated Criminal Investigation System – SISCrim, but with the advent of innovations, the wording was already outdated.

What motivated GAECO-RS to create CyberGaeco to combat scams with cryptocurrencies?

In fact, some crimes in Brazil are committed with the help of the internet, an environment that has gained momentum with the digitization of products and services in recent years.

Thus, criminals who operated in this environment started to carry out more incursions against potential victims, making the internet a place of interest for investigative police.

To act directly in technology, GAECO-RS updated a provision in recent days, making it clear that he will now investigate crimes with his “Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Nucleus – CyberGAECO“.

Among the considerations made by the administrative body for investigations, linked to the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the highlights was the cryptocurrency sector. According to a survey of the need to create CyberGAECO, cryptocurrencies are difficult to trace and enhance criminal conduct, especially when made by dark web.

“CONSIDERING the continuous development of technological tools that allow anonymity on the internet and the transit of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON and other difficult-to-trace cryptocurrencies, potentializing criminal conduct and the effectiveness of actions carried out through the dark web”.

The document is signed by Attorney General Marcelo Lemos Dornelles, who took office in June 2021.

Crimes involving cryptocurrencies in Rio Grande do Sul

It is worth remembering that crimes involving cryptocurrencies in Brazil are not restricted to the internet environment, as justified by the creation of CyberGAECO in Rio Grande do Sul.

This is because financial pyramids have attacked investors in the country with high promises of income, such as Unick Forex and Indeal, which operated in the Vale dos Sinos region in the south of the country and were targets of federal police operations.

In addition, the Gerdau company was targeted by criminals in Rio Grande do Sul in 2020, when it saw its Santander bank accounts invaded and the hackers bought Bitcoin with the money, which resulted in Operation CriptoShow.

These are just some of the new actions that the new technology arm of GAECO should observe, but they indicate that the Brazilian public sector is already creating rules that directly affect the cryptocurrency sector and its relationship with crimes.