Saturday, June 10

Gaeco-SC creates a task force for the investigation of cryptocurrencies

Gaeco de Santa Catarina (SC), linked to the state Public Ministry, created a group to investigate crimes with cryptocurrencies. The novelty was announced this Wednesday (26), after several considerations regarding the importance detected by the body of creating the task force.

The division was signed by the Attorney General of Justice, Fernando da Silva Comin.

CONSIDERING the continuous development of technological tools that allow anonymity on the internet and the transit of virtual currencies, such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON and other difficult-to-track cryptocurrencies, enhancing criminal conduct and the effectiveness of actions carried out through the dark web“.

It is clear that there is a tendency among state MPs to create these new divisions aimed at combating cryptocurrencies, especially in dark web operations.

Crimes with cryptocurrencies will be investigated by the new division of Gaeco-SC

The Public Ministry of Santa Catarina released This Wednesday, a new initiative to combat crimes with cryptocurrencies in the state, which will be carried out by Gaeco.

According to the public agency, crimes in the cyber environment tend to grow even more, beyond what has been noticed in recent years.

In this way, Gaeco-SC has as “mission to identify, prevent and repress the activities of criminal organizations and related systems corruption of public agents and money laundering, including in the cyber world“.

As crimes involve thousands of victims, the effects of cyberspace criminal organizations have a harmful effect on people’s lives. The MP also highlighted that Brazil is the second target country in the world, with millions of victims and billions of reais taken by scams in the sector.

Thus, it is the state’s duty to ensure that the safety of the population is being carried out, with the MPSC aiming to train itself in the fight against crimes.

The main problems presented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office were offenses against the property of others, child pornography, crimes against honor, drug trafficking, trafficking in persons and human organs, sexual exploitation, attacks on communication networks and data of state and private bodies, causing a solution continuity of essential services for the population.

Thus, the Cyber ​​Crimes Investigation Group – CyberGaeco is established in Santa Catarina, whose focus will be to solve these problems.

Rio Grande do Sul has also made a move

With a justification similar to that of Gaeco-SC, the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul also created in October 2021 a CyberGaeco to fight cyber crimes and that use cryptocurrencies.

In other words, states are mobilizing to fight crimes in this environment, showing that they have an eye on cryptocurrencies as a tool of anonymity used for crimes. With two states in southern Brazil already creating these CyberGaecos, it is expected that soon others will make the same move.