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Galaxy A72 vs. Galaxy A71: characteristics and differences in the mid-range | Digital Trends Spanish

You are decided, the Galaxy A72 It will be your next cell phone. You know its characteristics, its four-camera system and 5G connectivity. However, when you get to the store you find out that the previous model, the Galaxy A71, has a discount that makes it extremely attractive. Or maybe you find yourself in the opposite situation: you want the Galaxy A71, but when you meet the A72 you wonder if it might not be worth investing a little more for the latest model. What to do? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. We face the Galaxy A72 vs. Galaxy A71 to analyze its characteristics, differences and similarities in order to give you the necessary information so that you make the best purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy A72 Samsung Galaxy A71
Size 165 x 77.4 x 8.4 mm (6.50 x 3.05 x 0.33 inches) 163.6 x 76 x 7.7 mm (6.44 x 2.99 x 0.30 inches)
Weight 203 grams (7.16 oz) 179 g (6.31 oz)
Screen size 6.7-inch Super AMOLED 6.7-inch Super AMOLED
Screen resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels (394 ppi) 1080 x 2400 pixels (393 ppi)
Operating system Android 11 Android 10 upgradeable to Android 11
Storage 128GB or 256GB 128 GB
Micro SD Yes Yes
Wireless payment service
Processor Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730
RAM 6GB or 8GB 6GB or 8GB
Camera Quad system with 64MP main lens, 5MP macro, 12MP ultrawide lens, and 8MP telephoto Quad system with 64MP main lens, 5MP macro, 12MP ultrawide lens, and 5MP depth
Video 4K at 30 fps, 1080p at 60/30 fps 4K at 30 fps, 1080p 60/30 fps
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
Ports USB Type C 2.0 USB Type C 2.0
Fingerprint reader Yes, on the screen Yes, on the screen
Waterproof IP67 Do not
Battery 5,000mAh, fast charge (25W) 4,500mAh, fast charge (25W)
App store Google Play Store, Galaxy Store Google Play Store, Galaxy Store
Colors Awesome Black (black), Awesome White (white), Awesome Blue (blue), Awesome Violet (purple) Prism Cube Black (black), Prism Crush Silver (silver), Prism Crush Blue (blue), Prism Crush Pink (pink)
Price $ 499 dollars About $ 400 dollars

Design, display and durability

The back cover is not a fingerprint magnet.

Seen from the front and at first glance, you will not find obvious differences in the design of the Galaxy A72 and the Galaxy A71, since both have screens of the same size and the selfie camera in the upper center of the panel.

However, seen from the rear, you will notice notable differences. The most obvious is that the back cover of the Galaxy A72 has a matte finish, totally different from the glossy finish of the back cover of the Galaxy A71. There are also variants in the colors of each model. Both share black and blue tones, but only the Galaxy A72 is available in white and purple, while the silver and pink tones are exclusive to the A71.

There are also differences in the module distribution of photographic lenses. While in both you will see that the lenses are arranged in two vertically oriented rows, on the Galaxy A72 the flash appears below the macro lens, while on the Galaxy A71 the flash is above the macro lens. In both models the photographic module protrudes a little from the chassis.

There is the always welcome 3.5 mm jack.

Another aspect to highlight is that both models have a 3.5 mm jack port for headphones of all kinds.

Also, at first glance you could judge that there are no differences in the sharpness of the screen in each model, however, if yours is video games and you are interested in your smartphone offering you the best features, you may have to choose the Galaxy A72. The reason is that in this model the refresh rate is 90 Hz, while in the Galaxy A71 it is 60 Hz. Although it is true that the refresh rate of the Galaxy A72 does not reach the 120 Hz of the Galaxy A52, we consider that the upgrade over the A71 might make sense to certain users. Similarly, the screen on the Galaxy A72 is slightly brighter than that of the Galaxy A71.

An image of the Galaxy A71 5G.

Where we do consider that there is a substantial difference that benefits all types of users is in durability. And it is that the Galaxy A72 has IP67 certification, which makes the phone can resist splashes or even be under the water tap without fear of damaging its components. Samsung says that you could submerge it for up to an hour and 30 minutes, but the recommendation is not to do so in chlorinated water (in a pool) or salty (in the sea) or in soapy water.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy A72

Performance, battery life and charging

Given that there is practically a year of difference between the launch of one and another model, the Galaxy A72 will invariably outperform the Galaxy A72. However, you will hardly notice a difference that justifies the difference of $ 100 between the price of one and the other. With both mobiles you will be able to fluently play the most recent games that are graphically more demanding, and also, practically all your applications will work without setbacks.

Regarding the battery, although there is a difference of 500 mAh between the battery capacity of the Galaxy A72 and that of the Galaxy A71, the truth is that that battery pull will hardly be noticeable depending on the screen configuration you use. (such as setting it to 90 Hz with the brightness at maximum). On the other hand, both mobiles have a fast charge of 25W, so you will not notice a substantial change in the autonomy or in the speed with which each smartphone charges. Certainly, given that the Galaxy A72 represents Samsung’s best mid-range feature model, we would have expected a better processor and better loading speed.

Winner: Tie


At first glance you will think that there is not a noticeable difference between the camera system of the Galaxy A72 and that of the Galaxy A71. Yes, the A72 has a telephoto in the space that the A71 occupies for a depth lens (which serves to enhance portraits), but from there, you will see that the size of images that the rest of the sensors can capture is practically identical. That might make you think that the photographic update on the A72 is minimal, however there are improvements and they are noticeable.

Samsung Galaxy A72
The camera module of the Galaxy A72 protrudes slightly from the chassis.

While the photos you take with the A72 will be roughly the same size as those you take with an A71, the image processing of the 2021 is better. Colors appear more lifelike, blacks appear darker, and photos generally appear sharper and more natural. An improvement is also noted in the photographs taken with the ultra-wide and macro lens, despite the fact that in both models the pixelation is the same.

Samsung Galaxy A72
A photograph taken with the Galaxy A72.

Now, we said that the A72 replaces the depth lens of the A71 with a telephoto. If photography is your thing, this lens will definitely be worth that $ 100 difference. You will be able to make optical zooms of up to 3X which, although they will lose detail with each zoom, the results are satisfactory for a mid-range smartphone.

Another notable improvement of the Galaxy A72 is that it has optical stabilization, which will make your videos appear more stable even if you have a maraquero pulse and also, that your photographs will not be noticeable if you move the phone before shooting.

Finally, there is also an improvement in the selfie camera of the A72, which if it has the same pixelation as the A71, shows more realistic colors.

Winner: Galaxy A72

Software and updates

Both smartphones share the same operating system: Android 11 with the Samsung One UI 3.1 customization layer. Of course, it is most likely that if you opt for the Galaxy A71 when you take it out of the box you will have to update it to Android 11, because from the factory it arrived with Android 10. Also, both teams will update to Android 12 as part of the update policy of Samsung software, which promises at least two Android updates.

Of course, take into account that while the Galaxy A72 will update to Android 13, the Galaxy A71 will stay on Android 12.

Winner: Tie

Special features

Samsung Galaxy A72
The design of the Galaxy A72 is understated.

We do not understand the reason why Samsung chose to make the Galaxy A52 compatible with the 5G network, but not to make it compatible with the model that theoretically follows it, the Galaxy A72. So if your needs say you require a phone with the latest in mobile connection technology more than a smartphone with a better camera, go for the Galaxy A52.

The absence of 5G in the Galaxy A72 also puts it on par with the Galaxy A71, so if you find an irresistible offer for the Galaxy A71 and you don’t care whether it has 5G or not, maybe you should go for the older model.

Also, take into account that there is a model of the Galaxy A71 compatible with 5G. Samsung sells it for $ 599but hopefully you could find it at a more affordable price.

Winner: Tie

Price and availability

You will find the Galaxy A72 for about $ 499 on Amazon, while in the same store you will find the Galaxy A71 for about $ 330.

Now that if yours is to buy from the official website of the manufacturers, we wish you luck because, for some unknown reason, Samsung does not have a list of the Galaxy A72, although you do have the Galaxy A71 5G for $ 599.

Winner: Galaxy A72

Most likely, with the naked eye and a cursory reading of the specifications, you think that there is not much difference between the Galaxy A72 and the Galaxy A71. However, if your thing is photography or, failing that, constantly posting content on your social networks, definitely opt for the Galaxy A72. The telephoto lens and optical stabilization, as well as the improvement in image processing, make a substantial difference between the Galaxy A72 and the A71.

However, if you are really looking for a smartphone to play video games in good shape and have a long battery life, maybe you should go for the Galaxy A71 in case you find a good deal. Or, better yet, go for the Galaxy A52, which in addition to offering such features, is our favorite 5G of the mid-range and that you may well find below $ 400 dollars.

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