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Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: which ones are better? | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Galaxy Buds 2 completely outperform traditional AirPods, but what about the new Beats Studio Buds? Both are priced the same at $ 149 and come with ear cushions that fit your ears, so they seem to have a lot of similarities.

Beats is generally associated with Apple, as the company bought the emporium built by rapper Dr. Dre a few years ago. But nevertheless, andThese headphones are also compatible with Android cell phones and even have an application like Samsung’s for their configuration, so this will be a very even comparison.

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: design

The new Galaxy Buds 2 come in a square box like the Galaxy Buds Live, but their design is more traditional, with pads to allow us to more naturally isolate the outside sound, in addition to offering a first layer that helps you hear calls and music better.

On the other hand, the Beats Studio Buds have a similar design, quite close to the ear and an oval case. Although both come in different shades, all Samsung cases are white; the only color differences are inside these and on the headphones, while the Beats Studio Buds do show their different hues from the outside.

You can find the Beats Studio Buds in black, gray, and red, and the Galaxy Buds 2 in white, black, green, and purple. Both incorporate rubbers of different sizes so you can choose the ones that best suit you.

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: features

The Galaxy Buds 2 come with very interesting attributes that their predecessors did not have and that make them a possible good buy: they have noise cancellation and transparency mode, but… the Beats Studio Buds too!

Although we have not tested the Galaxy Buds 2 yet, Samsung claims that its noise cancellation is capable of blocking 98 percent of background noise, which is very interesting considering that almost no company usually makes such a strong claim.

In my tests with the Beats Studio Buds, I must say that they blocked the ambient sound quite well, not at the level of the AirPods Pro, but very close, since they prevented me from hearing conversations from people who were less than 2 meters away while, For example, I wrote this comparison (yes, noise cancellation will help you avoid interruptions and distractions).

If you are a Samsung user, you should know that the Buds 2 will allow you to easily change the device that you have linked to the headphones. A) Yes, If you receive a call on your cell phone but you were using a tablet, the hearing aids will be able to switch between one device or another almost automatically.

We saw this technology first with the AirPods Pro, but the Beats Studio Buds do not change automatically with Apple devices, so you will have to go to your iPhone, iPad or iMac and select them via Bluetooth every time you want to pair them with those. appliances. If you have another brand of device, this function is simply disabled.

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: Drums

The battery issue is always interesting, as no one wants to be in a noisy environment and miss out on enjoying the noise cancellation of their headphones because they are not charged.

In the case of the Galaxy Buds 2, they offer 20 hours of autonomy if you have noise cancellation activated and 28 hours without it. This is technically better than what the Studio Buds offer, which offer 15 hours with noise cancellation and 24 hours without it.

Something that also leaves the Beats Studio Buds behind is that, although they have fast charging that in 15 minutes can give you an hour and a half of battery life, they do not have wireless charging. On the other hand, those of Samsung have both attributes.

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: water resistance

Although you cannot get into the pool with any of them, in this section the Galaxy Buds 2 win by having IPX4 resistance vs. Buds 2 iPX2. This makes Beats headphones more resistant to splashes or sweating while you train.

Galaxy Buds 2 vs. Beats Studio Buds: sound

Of course, an important section is that of sound. In our tests with the Beats Studio Buds we were able to determine that the bass is still as powerful as ever, there is a lot of clarity in the audio in general, as well as in the frequency range, with good details in the middle levels.

The Galaxy Buds 2 are backed by AKG, a Samsung company well known for its good sound. In addition, they incorporate the company’s two-way dynamic speaker, one of the most acclaimed on the market for giving a fresh sound, with high notes and deep bass.

Which one should you buy?

In the absence of our final verdict on the audio of the Galaxy Buds 2, you should know that both devices are great rivals due to their price and similar characteristics. The reviews in general have given the Beats Studio Buds very good scores, but if you are an Android or Samsung user, you will probably prefer the Buds 2 to take advantage of the direct compatibility with the devices of the South Korean company.

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