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Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Fitbit Sense: which is the best sports watch? | Digital Trends Spanish

Sports watches are advancing and adding more and more specifications. The Galaxy Watch 4 is the version that rivals the Fitbit Sense in this section, although the smartwatch Samsung for the first time includes Android Wear OS, Google’s open-system operating system that was once popular thanks to watches like the Moto 360.

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in 40 and 44mm sizes, and versions with and without LTE connectivity; the cheapest is priced at $ 249.99. For its part, the Fitbit Sense only has a one-size model that costs $ 299.99 and does not include a mobile connection.


The Galaxy Watch 4 maintains the sporty design of the Active series, which Samsung renamed in 2021 with this device. That means that the watch maintains its circular design and has two physical buttons that allow us to return to the home screen or activate different functions, although it does not have the rotating bezel characteristic of the most expensive version of the watch, which this year is called Galaxy Watch 4. Classic.

In comparison, the Fitbit Sense has a square design with rounded edges that make it very comfortable on the wrist, plus it only has a haptic button.

The Fitbit Sense has a slightly larger screen than the Galaxy Watch 4, although it also has a lower resolution, something that sometimes makes its screen look a bit dark.


Both watches have many functions and sensors. On the one hand, the Galaxy Watch 4 incorporates continuous sleep monitoring through its SpO2 sensor; even Samsung can record your snoring to help you better understand how you are resting and give you a result as a score.

Fitbit does something similar, although the snoring recording feature is still in beta. Both watches also have heart rate sensors and can take an EKG. Of course, the Fitbit Sense stands out for its EDA monitor, which is responsible for collecting different variables during the day and at night to determine what your stress level is.

The Galaxy Watch 4 now works under the Wear OS platform, while Fitbit remains faithful to its operating system. To that we must add that the Samsung watch only has Bixby as a virtual assistant, while the Sense has Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can choose.

New to the Samsung watch is the ability to measure your body composition index, while Fitbit can record your body temperature to better understand your daily performance.

In general, when you train both watches offer you direct access to choose the type of exercise you do, in addition to having the ability to determine if you have started a training to record it later.

In my tests, I found the Samsung watch screen and its interface design to be much friendlier and less rigid.

User teaching the Fitbit Sense


One of the points where the Fitbit Sense beats the Galaxy Watch 4 is the battery. The Fitbit clock offers up to six days thanks to its low consumption AMOLED screen, although if you turn on the GPS continuously it reduces to 12 hours. In contrast, in my tests the Samsung watch barely gave me a performance of a day and a half, although the company says it can last up to 40 hours.

In both cases you can decide to have the screen always on, which will allow you to see the time constantly as in a normal clock. Otherwise, keep the screen off and save battery.

Which one to buy?

Both the Fitbit Sense and the Galaxy Watch 4 are compatible with Android and iOS. If you have Samsung devices, it is convenient that you decide on the watch of the same company, since the company has a new technology that allows the interconnectivity of all its gadgets to be able to more easily activate some functions, including going from listening to music on your cell phone to the watch with your Galaxy Buds 2, for example, without the need to do any additional steps.

In general, the two watches will give you good functions, which include the typical health ones, in addition to their applications, which are Exceptional add-ons because they allow you to fully see your performance. However, Fitbit has more time in the wearables industry, therefore its app and measurement technology have won the trust of millions of users.

To make a decision you must take one more detail into consideration: if you want your watch to be able to install many popular applications such as a Apple Watch Series 6, then you should decide on the Galaxy Watch 4, since the Fitbit watch has a store of apps very limited, plus now Wear OS from Samsung will let you have apps popular like Calm, Strava, Spotify and others to come.

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