Wednesday, November 29

Galicia fights in the extinction of six fires that mainly affect the province of Ourense

The firefighting teams are working to put an end to the six fires that mainly affect the province of Ourense. The Xunta assures that the majority are stabilized and the only one that they consider active is the one that affects the Ourense municipality of Laza. 24 hours ago the Galician administration said that the forecast for this fire is favorable and close to its control, but this circumstance has not yet occurred. The weather forecast announces rain for this Sunday in Galicia, a circumstance that could collaborate with some extinction work that has lasted for days. The one in Laza is a fire resulting from the union of two fires (Laza and Chandrexa de Queixa). It has already burned more than 2,100 hectares, according to the latest provisional estimates. As yesterday, the Department of Rural Affairs has assured that this fire is already “practically perimeter” and that “it is progressing favorably towards its stabilization”.

The Xunta has considered stabilized at 11:47 p.m. the fire that started late this Saturday afternoon in the parish of Torbeo, in the Lugo town hall of Ribas de Sil, which, according to the latest provisional measurements, has burned more than 20 hectares.

In the province of Ourense, the Casaio fires, in Carballeda de Valdeorras, which have burned around 440 hectares, remain under control; that of Astureses, in Boborás, with some 120 hectares burned; and, since 11:29 p.m. this Saturday, that of San Cosmede de Cusanca, in O Irixo, where some 680 hectares have burned.

The fire in the Pentes parish, in the Ourense municipality of A Gudiña, has also been considered controlled this Sunday morning, which according to the latest estimates has burned an area of ​​more than 20 hectares.

In the last part with information collected until 08:30 this Sunday, an active fire has also been considered extinguished in Vilardá, parish of San Xoán de Río (Ourense). This fire has finally burned some 8.2 hectares: eight of lowland and 0.2 of trees.