Tuesday, September 28

Galicia plans to open the bars of the bars starting next week

The de-escalation protocol in the hospitality industry that Galicia prepares includes the reopening of the bars of the bars, after more than a year vetoed by the health authorities. This has been confirmed this Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, after the meeting of the clinical committee that advises the Government of Feijóo. The novelty comes after the meetings held by the Galician Government and the representatives of the hoteliers who next Friday have met again to fix the final wording of the new protocol. “They asked us to use the bars and in the new document they are practically incorporated and their use will be allowed under certain conditions,” Comesaña assured at a press conference.

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The communication of the new measures for de-escalation in the hotel industry was scheduled for this week but the parties in conflict have not reached a point of general agreement that allows the launch of a new model. Like other communities such as Madrid or Andalusia, Galicia wants to expand the capacity of the premises in a general way and establish new criteria so that those establishments that offer greater security guarantees can see their capacity improved.

The negotiations come after months of friction between the sector and the administration. The Government’s decision to require hoteliers to control their clients’ vaccination certificates ended up being annulled by the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia. Pending the appeal presented by the Galician administration, the representatives of bars and restaurants negotiate a new framework of action on which a consensus has not yet been reached.

The one about the bars is the only point that seems to be clear, although its implementation will be conditional on the adoption of safety measures, such as the constant use of a mask, except at the exact moment of consumption. The main person in charge of the Galician health has insisted this Wednesday that the bars are a conflictive place, “a very critical sector in the transmission of the virus”. With the summer facing the exit door, the hoteliers demand an alternative to the terrace service for a community in which rain is a frequent element that makes the option of resting on the outdoor service difficult for these businesses.


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