Saturday, September 25

Galicia will set a minimum capacity allowed within the hotel industry that will not change even if the epidemiological situation worsens

The new gauging system for the interior of the hospitality industry in Galicia is going to set allowed minimums that will not vary even if the epidemiological situation does change. The Xunta had advanced that its protocol for bars, restaurants and nightclubs was going to stop taking COVID-19 transmission data as a reference and the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has specified that the way to do it will be to establish capacities that are they will be able to occupy “independently” of the evolution of the contagions in the municipality in which the premises are located.

Galicia plans to open the bars of the bars starting next week

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These minimums that will be able to be used will be “insured”, said Feijóo at the press conference after the weekly meeting of the Xunta Council. Above these limits below, “gradations based on the evolution of the pandemic” will be established. The document is still under negotiation with representatives of the hospitality sector and will have to go through the clinical committee before it is approved. The reason given by the Galician president for not taking into account the cumulative incidence at these minimums is the percentage of the population already vaccinated with the full schedule (around 84% of those over 12 years of age). In case of outbreaks, he argued, they will be “of lower mortality.”

Feijóo has advanced that the hours can also be extended, but only on the terraces and on weekends. The Galician president has considered that the Galicians are opting for the exteriors “regardless of the weather situation.” In health terms, he said, it is “great news.”

This new protocol is the Xunta’s response to the Justice’s refusal to establish the COVID certificate as mandatory to access the interior of the hotel premises. After the decision of the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia, the autonomous government chose in a matter of a week first to reduce the allowed capacity and then to expand them. Among the new measures will also be the reopening of bars in bars.

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