Monday, July 4

Gamarra, Maroto and Montserrat will continue to be spokespersons for the PP of the Congress, Senate and European Parliament

Cuca Gamarra, Javier Maroto and Dolors Montserrat will be ratified this Monday in the National Executive Committee of the Popular Party as spokespersons in Congress, the Senate and the European Parliament, according to Europa Press sources from the party.

Feijóo asks the PP to be guided by “principles”

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The proposal of the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is to bet on the experience in the exercise of the positions of three people elected prior to the Congress of Seville and whose worth is “more than accredited”, according to these same sources.

The meeting this Monday will serve to continue advancing in the configuration of the new PP teams.

The party already announced on Friday the names of four new executive or area secretaries that will accompany Feijóo in the national direction of the PP, but more positions remain to be appointed that will depend on each of the Vice Secretaries: Institutional; Economy; Territorial organization; Regional and Local Coordination; and Social Policies.