Saturday, December 10

Garamendi resorts to a poem against the Nazis to oppose raising taxes on electricity: “First they went for the Jews…”

‘First the Jews, then it was the communists and then it was my turn’. These are the verses to which the president of the CEOE employers’ association, Antonio Garamendi, has resorted to oppose the Government’s proposal to increase the contribution of energy companies to public coffers at a time when they are obtaining extraordinary benefits.

“Be careful with these ads like that. There is talk of increases of up to 10% in Corporate Tax”, Garamendi warned at the General Assembly of the CEOE. “Careful, that it does not seem to us that one sector pays and another does not pay”, he has requested, and then he has quoted those words attributing them to Bertolt Brecht, although in reality they belong to a sermon by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller.

“Be careful, because I believe that we all need each other and the impulse of the large company is necessary for the medium-sized company to work and for the small one to activate”, added Garamendi. The president of the employers’ association has stressed that “an indiscriminate rise in taxes, especially to the business world, would be a real mistake.”

“I think the rules on the playing field, like in soccer, are one. You can’t change them and say one day I’ll charge you and the day after tomorrow I won’t. Just yesterday the energy sector fell 4,000 million on the stock market. Let’s be careful”, the Basque businessman has claimed.

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