Saturday, December 4

García Castellón reopens a case against Podemos in 2016 based on a report by the PP political brigade

The judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has recovered a case filed flat in 2016 for the alleged irregular financing of Podemos with the argument that information that the former head of the Venezuelan Intelligence service has transferred Hugo ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal provides new evidence against the formation now directed by Ione Belarra, legal sources have informed Within the framework of the same, García Castellón has summoned Hugo Carvajal to testify on October 27.

In order to use the information on Carvajal, who is trying to avoid his extradition for drug trafficking to the United States, García Castellón has searched his court file until he found an open and closed case almost immediately, in a time prior to his return to the court of the National High Court from Rome. ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal testified on September 20 before García Castellón, once detained in Madrid, and announced that he would provide documentation on the alleged irregular financing of Podemos.

In 2016, a Zaragoza court forwarded to the National Court the complaint of an unknown association until then about the alleged financing of Podemos that was limited to reproducing newspaper clippings about the PISA report, the parapolice document without letterhead or police signature that tried to demonstrate irregular funding of the political party. The complainant was an unknown Spanish Civic Union – Party for Peace, Reconciliation and Progress of Spain (UCESP).

The Supreme Court had already disregarded the content of the parapolitical report PISA (Pablo Iglesias Sociedad Anónima), which the then Deputy Directorate of Operations of the Police had tried to whitewash through the UDEF. The Supreme. The High Court had to rule on the PISAS report because Clean Hands had incorporated its content into a lawsuit against Pablo Iglesias and Iñigo Errejón.

It so happens that the PISA report was prepared by the political brigade of the PP, whose main culprits are charged in part 7 of the Villarejo case, also called Kitchen, which is also instructed by García Castelón. In 2016, the 6 reinforcement judge Alejandro Abascal, according to the report of the lieutenant prosecutor of the National High Court Miguel Ángel Carballo, shelved the case for lacking the slightest evidence. That is the case that now reopens against Podemos García Castellón without prior consultation with the Prosecutor’s Office, legal sources confirm.

Judge García Castellón keeps open the Dina piece of the Villarejo case that affects the former leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias. The magistrate continued with the piece despite the fact that the Criminal Chamber of the National Court returned the condition of injured to the one who was secretary general of the political formation. He has also done so after the Supreme Court rejected his request to indict Iglesias.