Thursday, December 8

García Gallardo accuses the PSOE of being a “criminal gang led by Sánchez” and refuses to remove it from the session diary

The Vice President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), has referred to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as a “criminal gang leader”. It has happened during the plenary session of the Cortes that is being held at the moment and when he was responding to the PSOE on the 2030 Agenda. García-Gallardo in the first shift and regarding compliance with it has limited himself to responding that “what is important for the citizens of Castilla y León is that the pact continues to be fulfilled ”. It was when the socialist José Luis Vázquez reminded him that the Board committed itself in 2017, when García-Gallardo attacked the “progressive” and the PSOE.

“And please send a message to the leader of your criminal gang, Mr. Sánchez, and tell him to go and lead the Socialist International once and for all, but to do it soon and to do it as soon as possible,” he snapped. García-Gallardo’s response has provoked protests in the socialist seats. Immediately afterwards, the president of the Chamber, also from Vox, asked the vice president if he wanted to withdraw his words. “The best proof that Mr. Sánchez’s criminal gang is a criminal gang is that they have committed the greatest crime of corruption that has been seen in Contemporary Europe,” he justified. “Do you want to withdraw what he has said?”, the president has insisted. “No”, García-Gallardo has castled.

From the PSOE, in application of article 76.3, it has requested “that the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León immediately withdraw his words” and if not, that he be called to order by the president “for seriously failing and insulting” the parliamentary group and “the democratically elected President of the Government”. “I request that you withdraw it if you have an iota of democracy left”, insisted the attorney Patricia Gómez Urbán, while García-Gallardo mumbled from her seat. Gómez Urbán has reminded him that the Socialist Party was already fighting for his rights when he was not born. Thus, the president of the Cortes has asked the vice president for the third time if he wanted to withdraw it. “The truth is that I have no intention of withdrawing it, the Socialist Party has a proven criminal history,” she repeated. “Your Honor, do you withdraw it or do you not withdraw it?” Pollán asked. “I do not withdraw it”, the vice president of Castilla y León has settled.