Sunday, August 7

García-Gallardo asks to equate the victims of Francoism with “those of some governments of the Second Republic”

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, will demand that the new Memory decree in which the regional government is working have recognition of “the victims of some governments of the Second Republic”, he explained. in an interview granted to Diario de Burgosa Burgos newspaper owned by businessman Méndez Pozo, who also owns half of Televisión Castilla y León, whose annual grant of 20 million euros has just been approved by PP and Vox despite the electoral promises of the far-right party.

For the leader of Vox, the decree prepared during the last absolute majority of the PP (by the hand of Juan Vicente Herrera), gives a “biased” vision of History, while he is committed to a “neutral and conciliatory” vision such as the pact of the Transition”: “There are some victims who deserve recognition, who are the victims of the Franco regime. And there are some victims who do not have any recognition, who are the victims of some governments of the Second Republic”.

The decree of 2018, published in the Bocyl, It consists of 11 pages and its purpose is “the recognition of all citizens who suffered persecution or violence during the civil war and the Franco dictatorship and their families, as well as all those citizens and entities that carry out actions aimed at raising awareness of our history and the promotion of democratic memory”.

The second chapter articulates the procedure for the location and identification of the victims and declares the exhumations as an activity “of public utility”, for which the temporary occupation of the land is allowed if the owners do not give their consent. The preparation of maps of mass graves such as the one produced by a multidisciplinary team from the University of Burgos is also being promoted. The decree supports public acts of homage and recognition to the victims of the civil war and the Franco dictatorship and encourages the inclusion of content in the school curriculum. A technical council and another advisor are created with representatives of the Board, the municipalities, memory associations, experts in Archaeology, Forensic Medicine, Contemporary History and Law and a union representative.

In the interview, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León blames “radical environmentalism and green policies” for turning the countryside into a “powder keg” and has assured that the “deterioration” of the environment “is not the fault of the classes Western workers”, who – he affirms – “pay the consequences of radical environmentalism and green policies”. “It is useless to create a low emissions zone in Zamora while in China and India they burn coal by the piece and dump tons of plastic into their rivers that end up in the Pacific Ocean”, he asserted in the interview.

This is not the first time that García-Gallardo has criticized policies to combat climate change. At his premiere at the Committee of the Regions of Europe, he flatly rejected the debate and defended the “right” to own a vehicle and access the city center with it. “We don’t need low emission zones, but high birth zones”, he stated at the end of June.

He has also accused the media of doing “a dishonest exercise of speech mutilation to take only a part that interests them and eliminate the context”, a relationship to which he is “getting used to”.

In addition, he has justified the increase in advisers after the new PP-Vox coalition government: “Each euro spent by the vice presidency is a euro destined for the well-being of the citizens of the region.”

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