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García Gallardo asks to “order the language” and not to describe Vox as a “denier” of sexist violence

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox) wanted to make “a reflection” on the term ‘denialism’, the use of which “for anything” seems “disgusting”. García-Gallardo wanted to answer a question that was made to the spokesman for the Board, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, at the press conference after the Governing Council this Thursday, about the denial of gender violence by the government partner of the.

García Gallardo insists that “violence has no gender” after knowing three murders of women in 24 hours

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The vice president of the Board has explained that it is a word that “was applied to those who deny the Holocaust.” “Now, political activists, not those who practice real journalism, apply it to anything, gender denial, climate denial… I believe that we must return to an orderly language and address the issues that really matter to citizens of Castilla y León”, he stated.

According to the RAE, denialism is an “attitude that consists in the denial of certain realities and relevant historical or natural facts, especially the Holocaust.” García-Gallardo has also said that his party condemns “all violence, all of it, including violence against women” and has asked the journalist to smile and celebrate that the budgets of Castilla y León have “increased the protection of women in Castilla y León”.

In reality, the one who increases the items for the fight against gender violence is the Government of Spain through the State Pact Against Gender Violence, not the Board. “Great, so we are all celebrating”, she has ended up admitting.

The vice president’s reaction was provoked by a question to Fernández Carriedo about whether the Junta felt comfortable governing with a party that denies gender violence. This same Thursday, the president of the regional Parliament, Carlos Pollán, has refused to illuminate the building on 25N, excusing himself in “energy saving measures”, something that he has not done with international days to support people suffering from certain diseases. In addition, with the latest crime of gender violence in Castilla y León, Pollán called a minute of silence alluding to “a crime” in which “a woman lost her life.” The victim was strangled to death by her husband, but neither she nor she alluded to sexist violence or the aggressor.

“The thing of all the years”

The spokesman for the Junta has said that the regional government “will do what it does every year”, among other initiatives, illuminate part of the building of the Presidency of the Junta to commemorate the Day Against Gender Violence. “What we have to do is worry about the interests of the citizens of Castilla y León and also respond to their wishes through what has been a democratic electoral process. Citizens choose the government they want and the mission of that government is to always be at the service of the people of Castilla y León, this is what we do through a Governing Council like today’s”, he replied.

Fernández Carriedo has said that the regional government deals with “farmers, ranchers, the rural world, the people of the land” while he has referred to “other governments” whose “challenges or challenges” go through talking about other things and the Board “of things that interest the people of Castilla y León”. Thus, he has alluded to “governments” that speak “of the Civil Guard in Navarra or the crime of sedition.” “We talk about people, how to make ends meet, how to help them,” he insisted.

The spokesman, when reminded that so far this year 38 women have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners and that three were from Castilla y León, remarked that they have always shown their rejection of any act of gender violence and who want the “full weight of the law” to fall on the aggressors. In this way, he has avoided condemning the continuous manifestations of his government partner about a violence that, they say, “has no gender.”

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