Saturday, September 30

García-Gallardo defends relaxing controls on bovine tuberculosis and compares it to the fight against slavery

The political and health crisis in Castilla y León due to the relaxation of controls on bovine tuberculosis, rectified by the Justice after the intervention of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union, continues to rise in degrees. The regional vice president, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), has insisted on lowering controls despite scientific opinion and has compared the case with the fight against slavery. “If the status quo had not been questioned at the time, right now slavery would be legal,” he stated, assuring that they reject any thoughtless imposition of a norm “wherever it comes from” because their formation “does not cross itself before the climatic dogmas of nobody”.

Riots, half-truths and a pulse on the Government: keys to the cattle war encouraged by PP and Vox in Castilla y León


The vice president has insisted on the argument of these days about the judicial setback that has cost the ranchers losses of almost four million euros and a violent assault on the Delegation of the Board in Salamanca. “We trust in the legality, in the legal rigor of this resolution (suspended) and above all, what we understand is that it is a necessary regulation for this and with the flexibility that the livestock sector needs so as not to go to hell”, he has defended , according to EFE, while he has transferred the pressure to the legal part of the autonomous government since he pointed out that the opinion of the general secretaries on this matter and that of the legal director is that “it is convenient to continue defending the legality of this resolution because it appears of legality”.

García-Gallardo has attacked the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, for questioning “food safety and the quality of the products of Castilla y León”, accusing him of exercising “absolute irresponsibility”. “Probably, with a more sensible Minister of Agriculture, all this is going to be easier,” he asserted to confirm that they hope that if there is a government of PP and Vox after the 23J elections, the health regulations can be changed and lowered, “it will facilitate much that there is a national government that is more understanding with this issue”.

Planas: “What would have happened if a PP and Vox government had had to face the pandemic”

The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has once again referred this Friday to the situation caused in Castilla y León by Vox and his order to relax sanitary controls, “I have seen a public official saying that public health is overemphasized. I think you never insist too much. I wonder what would have happened if a government of the PP and Vox had had to face the pandemic that this government, of which I am a part, had to face”.

From Andalusia, the minister has urged public officials to reflect “on the seriousness of playing with the rules relating to public health and in particular animal health in a matter that is obviously of possible transmission, including to humans.” “Just think that Spain exports 70,000 million euros every year thanks to the high level, reputation and guarantee of quality and safety that our agri-food productions have, logically including our livestock productions. That means safety and quality that give us respect for European standards and respect for national standards ”, he stressed.

Minister Planas has defended the veterinarians attacked by Vox and who have asked for resignations for putting the animal and human health of the Ministry of Agriculture at risk, “I do not want to fail to mention the excellent role that veterinary professionals play in defending these rules. Not only the European Union, they have also declared themselves against these reforms that, to put it in some way, lightened the burdens”. “We must maintain a strict and rigorous position in animal health standards if we want to continue being a country that is the fourth largest exporter in the EU and the seventh in the world,” stressed the minister, thanking the farmers for their work in the matter that “this is a subject in which it is necessary to make efforts on the part of the ranchers that are often very expensive, although they are also financed by public funds.”

Mañueco: “Castilla y León will respect the legislation”

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), has spoken for the first time since the court ruling and the violent incidents in Salamanca about the controversy generated by his government with Vox. Mañueco has insisted that “at this time, the situation in Castilla y León is the same as it was a month ago, six months ago, a year ago and we are going to respect community legislation, Spanish legislation”. The situation is the same due to the judicial decision to suspend the order of the Vox council and the order of the Ministry to prohibit the movement of cattle if controls were lowered.

Mañueco believes that “any other question is trying to artificially lengthen a problem that is certainly not convenient for anyone, especially Castilla y León”, avoiding responding to the statements of its vice president García-Gallardo that there will be no “reversal” in the attempt to reduce the health controls that he did this Thursday from Brussels for not knowing “the literalness” of them.