Sunday, September 25

García-Gallardo insults Igea by calling him “imbecile” in the Cortes of Castilla y León

The parliamentary decorum that public representatives are usually presumed to have has once again been conspicuous by its absence in the Cortes of Castilla y León. The vice president of the regional Executive, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), has called the Citizens Attorney Francisco Igea “imbecile”.

The Liberal representative was on the podium defending an interpellation in terms of transparency – he was defending the publication of the agendas of senior officials, that they cannot accept gifts and that they be informed of what is dedicated to institutional advertising – and, after make a comment about García-Gallardo’s appearance on the television program ‘Masterchef’, this, with the microphone turned off, has dispatched his predecessor in office calling him an “imbecile”.

“Have you called me an idiot?”, Igea has made García-Gallardo ugly. After hearing the expletive, the Citizens Attorney has consulted the President of the Cortes, Carlos Pollán, about the vice president’s words. This, far from reprimanding his party partner, has urged the prosecutor to continue.

“Did you call me an imbecile? I want him to withdraw the insult”, Igea reiterated, visibly irritated. “Are you so kind as to rectify? Can you control yourself? Haven’t you been taught to contain yourself in your childhood? ”, He continued.

Far from being daunted, García-Gallardo has called the former vice president an “alleged criminal”. Igea, for his part, has reminded him that the Castilla y León Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings to determine if he used public media in a partisan video. “You are a shame for this Parliament”, Igea has settled.

From doctor to youtuber

But this is not the only disqualifying comment that Igea has received. Moments before, his former boss, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, asserted that his former vice president resigned from continuing as a doctor to dedicate herself to being a “youtuber” and ironically that the next thing she does will be “dances on tiktok.”

Igea, who had asked Mañueco about the “three priorities” of the regional Executive, accused Mañueco of putting “the bulls and Real Madrid” ahead and having passed from the PP Government to the PPP, due to propaganda, provocation and the polarization of all its members. The Citizens Attorney has also criticized that Castilla y León has worse economic indicators than the national average.

Mañueco has dispatched Igea by throwing him some advice: “I recommend, as a citizen of the street, that you do no more harm to yourself or your party because you will end up crushing your party.” The president has ordered Twitter to “cry” after the plenary session while they make “real politics of the people”.

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