Thursday, July 7

García-Gallardo says that the PSOE “invites parents to crush children with disabilities in the womb”

The president of the Parliament of Castilla y León, Carlos Pollán (Vox), started the plenary session this Tuesday asking for parliamentary cordiality. Only 24 hours had passed since the vice president, Juan García-Gallardo, raised the tone of a commission in which he had to present his government plans for a vice presidency without a portfolio, and in which he chose to disqualify his opponents and annoy his government partner, the PP.

García-Gallardo arrived with the plenary session already started due to a car accident, and was unable to attend to Pollán’s request. He again crossed the lines of political debate. In a response to the socialist prosecutor Noelia Frutos, who has a disability, the vice president reacted by attacking. Frutos wanted to know how women with disabilities should be treated, according to García-Gallardo, who in some statements had stated that women could not be treated as disabled. “You have to treat them just as well as men with disabilities,” she replied. But in the replica it went further.

“I am not going to treat him with condescension, and I am going to respond to his disrespect as if he were a person like everyone else and not as his team does,” he said. From that moment on, he has launched an anti-abortionist speech in which he has accused “the left” of being the “enemies of disability”, of being interested in “those who were born and not in those who were not born”, because they are favorable to the “laws of death”. Thus, he has come to affirm that the socialists “invite fathers to grind in the wombs of mothers those who have disabilities” and as an example he has said that “there are countries of the European Union where children with Down syndrome are hardly born ”. He has referred to the right defended by the PSOE “to kill children in the womb” and has guaranteed the right of doctors to object.

“Mr. García-Gallardo, women, despite all their lack of empathy, weathered the storm,” Frutos replied. The prosecutor has underlined the statements of the vice president on May 9 in which she stated that women cannot be treated “as if they were disabled” as a “lack of respect”. “Is this what he wanted to be vice president for? Do you think you can have conversations as if you were at a bar? Do you think that this one who speaks to you is inferior to you? ”, She has questioned. Frutos has referred to the “aberrant ethical and moral limitation” of García-Gallardo, which is not compatible with the position he occupies “in an advanced society.” “I am going to confirm something for you to get off the horse and put your feet on the ground: you do not even reach the soles of the shoes of the women of this land”, and “much less” to the disabled women of Castilla and Leon. Frutos has also asked if she believes, with her “retrograde thinking”, that women with disabilities should be protected because of this or because they are women. Frutos has also highlighted that he is still waiting for the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, to disavow the words of García-Gallardo, who throughout his speech has only received the applause of the Vox deputies while in the PP seats They saw stunned faces.