Tuesday, February 27

García Gallardo says that there are “heartless” women who take advantage of the law and keep the custody of the children

The vice-president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, has come down again with statements against the Law on Gender Violence, assuring that “it harms the presumption of innocence of men” and that there are “heartless women” who take advantage of the law to get custody of their children. It has happened during the plenary session of the Cortes on Tuesday, when the socialist prosecutor Patricia Gómez Urbán has asked the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, to say which side she is on.

The regional deputy of the PSOE has reproached a tweet by García-Gallardo in which he referred to the “privileges” of the victims and has asked if the last woman murdered in Palencia at the hands of her husband was a “privileged”. “The 1,163 victim since 2003 murdered by gender violence is a privileged one? Mr. García-Gallardo, you are miserable. 1,556 women in this Community have a protection order from the guard courts, 1,556 women fight every day to save their lives, but while this is happening they have to hear from the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León who is going to demand that they be eliminated the perverse incentives that exist so that there are false accusations against men so that they become instrumental in divorce proceedings”, Gómez Urbán recalled.

The prosecutor has affirmed that “you are or you are not against gender violence” because if you are not against it, “you are with the abusers”. “Mr. Mañueco, either you are with the victims or you are with Mr. Gallardo, you decide which side you are on, but I am afraid that you decided a long time ago,” he insisted to the president.

But Mañueco has not responded. Instead, García-Gallardo has done so, stating that Spain is “the only country that has legislation that creates courts for men only” and the only one that “has damaged the presumption of innocence by making men presumably guilty.” when they receive “an unsubstantiated complaint” and that it has “a law that includes perverse incentives” so that “heartless people use a law” to “instrument” it in divorce proceedings “to obtain an advantage in obtaining custody of their children.”

Despite Vox’s efforts to talk about false complaints, the 2020 Report of the State Attorney General’s Office reflected that of the 168,057 complaints that were filed, only 7 were false. Of the 1,557,190 complaints that have been registered since 2009, 121 false complaint proceedings have been initiated, of which only 0.0069% have ended with a conviction.

Victims of gender-based violence can report their situation on the 016 telephone number authorized by the Ministry of Equality, it does not leave a trace on the telephone bill and it is free.