Tuesday, November 29

García-Gallardo scolds the European Committee of the Regions for its “climate catastrophism”

Family, homeland and borders. The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox) has taken the policy of his party and not that of the regional government that he represents the European Committee of the Regions. This representation was one of the few powers that he requested in his pact with the PP and today he has made use of it for the first time with a speech that assumes all the postulates of his party.

“In the last two days I have heard many of you make proposals on transportation, energy and the fight against depopulation and we can agree on some of the aspects, but most of you leave out the essentials. While you insist on your climate catastrophism, you are silencing the real threats to the future of Europe”, he scolded the other members of the Committee. According to García-Gallardo “there is no future without strong families, without birthrates, without secure borders” and Europe’s “green social engineering” is “weakening” European democracies.

“Our enemies know it and you too” he insisted. Thus, he has warned that “Europeans will not risk their lives for CO2 emissions, bike lanes or the 2030 Agenda” and that “they will do so if necessary for the love of their families, of the land that their parents or the cultural legacy of their grandparents. He has insisted that “Europe needs less climate fanaticism” and more defense of its interests and way of life. “We need less relativism and more policies in favor of families and birth rates. We need less of the 2030 Agenda and more common sense”, he repeated. “The future belongs to the patriots, long live Hispanic people”, he has finished.