Friday, March 31

García-Gallardo (Vox): “We have the right and the duty to integrate the next government of Castilla y León”

The Vox candidate for the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, has insisted this Monday that his formation will require entering the Government of the community: “The result of the elections tells us that we have the right and the duty to integrate the next government of Castilla y León”.

The 13F buries Casado’s strategy and joins his destiny to that of the extreme right of Vox

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“If someone wanted us to give away the votes to the PP, they would have voted for the PP,” said the leader of the extreme right in that community this Monday, during the press conference to assess the results of Sunday’s elections.

García Gallardo has said that “from the beginning” they made it clear that these elections would be taken “as a turning point.” “We are going to do what we have said: use the votes to change the course of politics in Castilla y León”, insisted the candidate, who has assured that he has not yet received the call from the PP candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

Vox, which yesterday obtained 13 seats in the elections to the Board, already announced yesterday that it would ask to enter the regional government in exchange for supporting the investiture of Mañueco. “What face of a vice-president is being given to García-Gallardo”, said yesterday the leader of the extreme right, Santiago Abascal, in the celebration of the results.

“We are not going to abstain. We are not going to give away the votes”, García-Gallardo insisted today.