Thursday, September 21

Garfield now becomes the protagonist of Stray | Digital Trends Spanish

The popularity of stray among the people resides in this cat that runs through a cyberpunk city, it is his aesthetics and his feline walk that is causing even reactions in kittens in real life.

Now, a mod allows the popular Garfield to take the leading role.

Can head over to Nexus Mods to download and install it for PC version: it is a simple replacement of a file.

Garfield has appeared in more than a dozen titles over the years according to Wikipedia, most recently as a portly combatant in the style of fighting game Smash Bros. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Y Garfield Kart.

But it’s not just Garfield coming up with a mod, they’ve made a Stray split screen system that allows you to share your keyboard or add a second controller, and play the cute cat sim side by side with a friend. There are a couple of bugs: only the first player can see the HUD, and occasionally when the level passes, the game can get stuck, forcing you to go back to the main menu and reload.

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