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Garmin introduces new fenix 7 and epix smartwatches | Digital Trends Spanish

Garmin announced the fēnix 7 and epix, two smartwatches aimed at athletes and that integrate features such as physical activity sensors, long battery life and unique features in each model, such as an LED light, solar battery charging and OLED screen. always on.

Regarding the characteristics of the fēnix 7 series, it stands out that there will be models in three different sizes (42 mm, 47 mm and 51 mm) in a standard, solar or “sapphire solar” edition. Garmin points out that while both the solar and sapphire solar editions allow the watch to recharge the battery with sunlight, the Sapphire Solar edition integrates multi-band technology and comes preloaded with TopoActive maps.

Regarding the battery life of the different models of the fēnix 7 smartwatch, Garmin points out that the battery of the solar model lasts between 136 and 289 hours by enabling solar charging, while in the case of the solar sapphire, the battery lasts between 213 and 578 hours. Garmin specifies that these are estimates, so they may vary depending on the use of each user.

Another novelty is that all models in the fēnix 7 line include a touch screen. Likewise, Garmin points out that all models maintain the physical buttons, and also include a kind of protector on the box that prevents accidental touches.

Also, among the new functions that come to the renewed fēnix 7 series is an LED lamp, designed to facilitate the visibility of athletes in night events.

The new Garmin Epix

All models integrate physical activity sensors and have integrated GPS. Prices for each model range from $699 (42mm Garmin fēnix 7 standard) to $999 (51mm Garmin fēnix sapphire solar).

The other model that Garmin introduced is the second generation epix. It is a premium model that integrates the same features of the fēnix 7 (except for solar charging and the LED lamp), but adds a 1.3-inch OLED screen always on, that is, it can stay on all the time.

The Garmin epix is ​​only available in 47mm, and its price ranges from $899 for the steel frame model to $999 for the titanium frame.

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