Tuesday, September 28

Garzón, before the imminent end of the advertising of the betting houses: “It has not been easy”

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, has shown this Monday his “pride” at the practical disappearance of the advertising of the betting houses as of this Tuesday. From this August 31 “we will be able to see, hear, any sports competition free from a permanent invasion of advertising” of an activity, online gambling, whose risks are often “unknown” and that “we know that they lead to certain pathologies” , said the minister in a ceremony in Madrid.

“It has not been easy,” said Garzón, who assured that “we can congratulate ourselves” because “the Royal Decree on the advertising of bookmakers approved in November 2020 will be fully deployed,” which will restrict extraordinary advertising “and that is the result of” good work of collaboration “between Administration and civil society. “We have finally achieved something that I think society will know how to recognize,” he assured.

As of this Tuesday, in Spain it will not be possible to broadcast advertising from gambling operators outside the range of 1 to 5 in the morning on radio and television, among other measures, after the end of the waiting period established to extinguish advertising contracts of bets contrary to what is established in the Royal Decree of Commercial Communications of Gambling Activities. This decree gave that grace period to respect the contracts that were then still in force.

During his intervention in a visit to the headquarters of the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers (FEJAR) to hold a working meeting with the Board of Directors of this entity, which this year celebrates 30 years since its creation, and whose “work” and “commitment” has thanked, Garzón has recognized that during the sporting competitions of this summer of the Eurocup and Olympic Games, before the ban that will now come into force, there has been an “acceleration” and “additional invasion” of advertising of these “truly amazing” companies.

“It does not exhaust the problem”

This measure, which affects “a very complex ecosystem in which the media, football organizations and other very important agents participate” from the point of view of their “social and political” influence, “does not exhaust the problem” and “we have to continue moving forward,” said the head of Consumer Affairs.

The Government has proposed a Royal Decree on safe gambling that is in a very advanced stage of preparation. Among other things, the draft proposes to prohibit the use of credit cards to “intensive” players and those who have “risky” behaviors and provides that players of betting platforms and other games have to establish the maximum amount to bet and set a maximum playing time.

The advertising decree of the game has been appealed by companies in the online gaming sector, Spanish football clubs grouped in LaLiga and the employers’ association of the traditional press. One of the main companies in the sector in Spain, Codere, regretted a few days ago in a document sent to the SEC of the United States the “negative position” of the Spanish government against bookmakers.