Monday, February 26

Gas: an additional item of $81,000 million would be needed to maintain the current subsidy scheme

Given that the Budget project, which was not approved, allocated an item of $135 billion, an additional expenditure of $81,000 million would be needed to reach $216,365 million. That is the calculation presented by the official of the energy portfolio at the opening of the day.

On the other hand, if the State covered 44.4% instead of 70.9%, no additional items would be necessary, according to the different scenarios presented at the hearing.

The purpose of the Government, expressed since the middle of last year, is to approve segmented increases according to the purchasing power of users and that have an impact on the final consumer rate lower than the expected inflation of 33% for all of 2022.

The presentation of the Hydrocarbons Secretariat noted that “the price of national gas charged by the producers was established with the allocation of volumes and prices offered freely by the respective companies that voluntarily participated in the certification of Round I of the Gas.Ar Plan “.

This public hearing was the second after the one held on January 19 by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas), in which the transporters and distributors’ proposals for increases were announced.

Videla specified that the tax cost represents 24% of the final rate, while the average cost of gas represents 60%.

The gas rate paid by the end user had an update of 6% in 2020, but the purpose of achieving the greatest coverage of extraction, transportation and distribution costs is directly related to the level of economic subsidies and their impact on the tax result.