Friday, February 3

GAS Consultoria informed the Court about a plan to pay victims of the pyramid, says O Globo | Bitcoin Portal

newspaper report Or Balloon published this Thursday (27) informs that the lawyer Ciro Chagas confirmed that the defense of GAS Consultoria presented to the judge Rosália Figueira, of the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of Rio, a plan to pay the victims of the pyramid.

The first mention of the plan was made in a live on Monday (24) in which Ciro Chagas and lawyer Mônica Coelho Lemos participated. Both act in the defense of GAS.

Details of the plan were not revealed: how many people will receive, what the total amount will be, how the payment will be. The lawyers just said there’s enough money for the payments.

Chagas is the lawyer of Venezuelan Mirelis Zerpa, wife of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, who became famous as the Pharaoh of Bitcoin.

Mirelis is a fugitive from justice, probably in the United States, being wanted by Interpol and with an extradition request.

Glaidson has been in prison since August last year on charges of fraud involving cryptocurrencies and commissioning a murder.

The numbers are staggering: the investigation estimates that GAS raised R$38 billion over the years; only in the period as a fugitive Mireli withdrew the equivalent of R$ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies; for now, “only” R$ 200 million has been seized; the number of victims could reach 200 thousand.

The O Globo report points out that the defense must seek a leniency agreement: it is a legal tool in which an accused cooperates with the Justice in exchange for some benefit (reduction of sentence and house arrest, for example).

This type of agreement was widely used in Operation “Lava Jato”.

The newspaper spoke with some investigators of the case – who requested anonymity – and they said they were surprised and incredulous: they believe it is just another way to put pressure on the release of Glaidson.

GAS Consulting Case

Glaidson has been in prison since August on charges of a crime against the national financial system, allegedly applied from his company GAS Consultoria. The business is known in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for offering controversial cryptocurrency investment contracts.

The Federal Police, the CVM and the Public Ministry, joined documents seized in the Kryptos operation and the Justice made him a defendant earlier this month, along with 16 other defendants. His wife Mirelis Zarpa, the likely head of the business that promised 10% monthly earnings, is still at large.

At the time of the arrest of Glaidson and other suspects, PF and IRS agents seized 591 bitcoins, valued at around R$195 million at the current price, dozens of luxury cars and more than R$13 million in cash.

The case has already reached the Superior Court of Justice, which denied the HC.

attempted murder

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro announced in October last year the indictment of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos for attempted murder. The owner of GAS Consultoria, also known as Pharaoh of Bitcoin, is suspected of ordering the murder of Nilson Alves da Silva in March this year.

As reported by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, Nilson would be spreading throughout the city of Cabo Frio (RJ) that the owner of GAS would be arrested and this motivated Glaidson to order his murder.

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro also accuses Glaidson of having ordered the death of Wesley Pessano, who was found shot to death on August 4 of last year in São Pedro da Aldeia, Lagos Region.