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Gasoline Mercedes Futures Will Use Electric Platforms | Digital Trends Spanish

Christoph Starzynski, vice president of electric drive development at Mercedes-Benz, said in a Interview with that the next generations of its compact Class A and Class B families will have both electric and gasoline versions. There is nothing new or strange about this: the current generation of the GLA compact crossover, for example, has its electric counterpart in the Mercedes-EQ EQA station wagon.

The news is that the platforms that the electric and internal combustion engine versions will share will be made specifically to support electric powertrains that will undergo modifications when used in gasoline vehicles.

Mercedes-EQ EQA 250.

This announcement should not surprise anyone, since in 2019 Mercedes-Benz had announced the cessation of development of new platforms for internal combustion engine cars and that all its new architectures will be electric only from 2025.

The MMA compact modular platform, which will debut the next generation of the A-Class, will be designed for electric vehicles, then adapted to accept internal combustion engines. “The platform will be for electric first, but not exclusively for them. The compromise will fall on the side of the internal combustion engine models, not on the electric side,” Starzynski said.

MMA will debut in 2024 with the new generation of the A-Class family, which includes the CLA four-door coupe, later expanding to the GLA and GLB crossovers, as well as the B-Class hatchback not offered in the United States.

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX.

The electric versions of these models will carry the Mercedes-EQ emblem and will take advantage of the advances in energy efficiency in the use of electrical energy learned through the research and development necessary to create the Vision EQXX. The concept model recently completed a test that took it to five European countries for more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on a single battery charge.

This announcement reveals a further step taken by the historic German manufacturer on the way to the electrification of its line.

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