Friday, December 3

Gasoline price of 95 eighths decreases to 0.96 per liter

As of this Friday, November 18, there is a decrease of 0.4 cents in the price of a liter of 95 octane gasoline, remaining at 0.96 cents per liter, reported the National Secretary of Energy.

91-octane gasoline will also decrease 0.4 cents, leaving 0.93 cents per liter.

Low sulfur diesel continues to decline, this time by 0.2 cents, that is, it will cost 0.85

These prices will apply until 5:50 a.m. on next December 3.

In the previous report that is valid until this Thursday 17, lto 95 octane gasoline increased by $ 0.02 and reached $ 1, the 91 octane liter rose $ 0.02 to settle at $ 0.97 per liter.

While light diesel recorded a decrease of $ 0.01 for a cost of $ 0.87 per liter.

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