Wednesday, January 26

Gastrotech: the new technological trends in bars and restaurants

At the end of 2019 we created Parra Payments with the aim of digitizing restaurant menus by scanning a QR code to improve the user experience and, at the same time, simplify and systematize the work of gastronomic establishments.

The pandemic promoted the adoption of this tool. In 2021, with the progressive reduction of restrictions due to COVID-19, adoption was final, as shown by some of our most prominent numbers. By the end of November, the platform had more than 220 customers and the average number of visits to the menus of the establishments grew by 100%: while in October there were 41 thousand visits, in the last month that number climbed to more than 88 thousand. If we annualize the interaction with digital menus, since January of this year it reaches more than 562 thousand consultations.

One of the main functionalities that we recently incorporated was the possibility of processing payments with credit and debit cards through Payment Market, which allows a more complete and integrated experience for both customers and establishments.

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Mariano fuchila

Face-to-face events were also forever altered by the pandemic. That is why we landed in this sector offering the totally free digitization of the menus, as we did with the 14 stands of typical food of the last National Immigrant Holiday which took place in Oberá, Misiones, between September 30 and October 10. This new application of the platform, no longer in traditional and established gastronomic establishments, but in the hands of small entrepreneurs who access new opportunities to market their proposals throughout the year and without additional costs, makes Parra Payments in a digital inclusion tool.

Given the success obtained, we repeat the experience in the first edition of “Christmas in the Park” in that same city, which took place between December 8 and 12, and which brought a novelty: Not only were the gastronomic menus used, but also 24 exhibitors (local entrepreneurs) accessed their first digital catalog from the platform.

We are very grateful for the great adoption that Parra Payments had among customers and also among establishments and gastronomic entrepreneurs. We have major projects ahead that aim to bring digitization to all sectors, achieving a federal democratization in access to digital products.

Founder of Parra Payments.