Thursday, July 29

GAZA MON AMOUR. “In Gaza people only have love left”

The filming of the film took place after the third war in Gaza. The presentation of the film in Spain took place recently, in 2021, after the offensive in May. “And do you think anything has changed since then? Absolutely nothing. Living there is like living in a cage. Years of blockade, four wars, nothing comes in, nothing comes out … The sky full of crossing aircraft or drones. But still people choose to live, to go on with their lives, ”says Arab Nasser.

The sky over Gaza burned for 11 days in the latest offensive. A fateful month that, as Arab tells us, shows that after so many years, things are still the same, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Still, his film aims to get away from what we usually see in the media “that only shows the darkest part.”

The Nasser brothers wanted to create a film for everyone about real people through characters that reflected the essence of the Gazans. “These people only have love. Only love. The situation could really end them, but people still keep their hearts beating. The protagonist is approximately the age of the beginning of the conflict with Palestine, he has lived through all the conflicts, but even at that age he feels love and his heart continues to beat ”. However, Nasser does not speak only of the love between a man or a woman, which forms the main plot of the film, but of the real and general meaning of the word love: love for the land, the love between a mother and her daughter , love between friends … All the relationships that make their existence meaningful for the Gazan population.

Inspired by the music his father listened to, the way of forgiving, getting angry, caring and loving, the directors have created an audiovisual piece that is capable of reaching and transmitting to anyone in the world. Art and films contribute to preserving the historical memory of Palestine, “I think that the way that artists have to maintain that memory is by talking about their own experiences or finding a way to connect with the feelings of any person.”

Despite telling a simple story, if the viewer wants, they can continue to investigate the subtext and therefore the context of Gaza. “Every day of life there is more complicated. People live by letting the days go by. And as for young people, how are they going to think about tomorrow if no one guarantees that there will be a tomorrow? ” The Gazans have become accustomed to living with destruction, not only material, but also sentimental and spiritual. “For me, Gaza is the most modern city in the Middle East. Israel is constantly destroying it and has to rebuild itself with modern buildings, of the style of that time. And they not only destroy towers, buildings or pavements, they destroy people’s lives, we talk about feelings, hope, illusion. They need time to rebuild and to rebuild inside ”.

Despite the circumstances and the fact that they did not have the resources to become film directors, the Nasser brothers found a way to achieve their childhood dream. A childhood that, surprisingly, had the soundtrack of Julio Iglesias, something that they also portray in their film. They grew up in a house where 90% of the cassettes were songs by the Spanish singer. Their music reminded them of a very beautiful moment in their lives when their father took them to school in Gaza, “on the way from home to school we had to cross the beach and their music reminds us of that moment when Gaza was a giant field of strawberries, oranges, flowers… It was a really beautiful city that is now destroyed by Israel ”.

“Gaza Mon Amour” is the first project that the artists present in Spanish cinemas, but they are already working on their next film: “Once upon a time in Gaza”, a piece that will also tell us about the day-to-day life of its inhabitants. through friendship. And again the message will be clear: “The people of Gaza have the right to land, the right to have a good life. They just want to live a normal life. They don’t want anything else. ”

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