Monday, December 4

Gaztelueta: in the name of the Pope

The opening of a canonical procedure by the Vatican in relation to the so-called ‘Gaztelueta case’ in the media, behind which hides an infamous attitude on the part of those who should have done a serious job but did not do so, is a commitment by Pope Francis to transparency and zero tolerance against sexual violence against minors in the ecclesiastical sphere. The sinister theater that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith concocted in 2015, in the hands of Cardinal Muller, turned the just denunciation of a victim of pederasty in a school of the Corporate Work of Opus Dei into a shameful action aimed at undermining the credibility of the complainant and his family.

Traps more typical of a gambler than of a priest, seeking with the pretentious and pretended cunning of a torticera fox, that the scene where the crimes were perpetrated did not coincide with the testimony given by the victim. The Work carried out works, as the former director of the Iñaki Cires center assured in the trial. The Spanish church has always been aware of the role of Silverio Nieto in the canonical plot of the ‘Gaztelueta case’. A toxic plumber role that the victim’s family has denounced for a long time.

“The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith already shelved the matter in 2015, proving my innocence.” Thus, the pederast clung to a burning nail in a public statement in which, to the astonishment of the most common of mortals, he continued to pretend to be innocent. An instruction order, a ruling from the Provincial Court of Bizkaia and a subsequent one from the Supreme Court of Spain condemned him, adding the refusal to process his appeal for amparo to the Constitutional Court, which settled the matter and put an end to the criminal proceedings, thus acknowledging the victim and sanctioning the religion teacher at the Gaztelueta school, a full member of Opus Dei at the time the crime was committed.

Pope Francis now puts a dot on the ‘i’ of the infamy and shamelessness of the Prelature, of the Leioa college and of all those who, beyond doubting the testimony of Juan Cuatrecasas Cuevas, my son, also dared to blame him , and nullify him as a child and as a human being, victim of a terrible crime against his physical and emotional integrity. Today is the day that those seem to hide because the reality of the present, which continues to agree with Juan, stings them and hits them like a boomerang right in the face.

Those who have listened to Juan in all these years have never doubted the truth, including Imanol Goyarrola who says in public something that in 2011 he did not say to parents in private. No one has doubted, neither the media, nor doctors on the part and not on the part, nor lawyers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors or court clerks and secretaries. The pedophile professor condemned in a final sentence in the ordinary justice will also be, hopefully, in the canonical order, thus defending the rights of a victim of pederasty in childhood and creating a brilliant positive jurisprudence for the rest of the survivors of these very serious crimes.

It is not a minor thing, of course. It is, of course, the time for civil society to become aware of an issue that deals with respect for human rights, the rights of children and adolescents, and public health. It is time, of course, that the magnifying glass be extended to all areas of society where these crimes are perpetrated and that the victims and survivors of sexual violence in childhood obtain without obstacles the rights that they deserve because they correspond to them. The legal truth that the prelate of Opus Dei cited in his letter in response to one of my own handwriting requesting that he replace the good name of Juan Cuatrecasas Asua and demand that Gaztelueta do the same is more than legal, it is the truth. There is evidence, proven facts. The sentence, impeccable and implacable, of the Provincial Court of Bizkaia demonstrated this. Apparently in Opus Dei the law, the essence of the juridical, are largely unknown.

They don’t know, they don’t seem to know, on second thought, what it means to abide by a sentence and what the proven facts are. Thinking well. Which at this point, coming from them, is a lot to think about. The opening of the canonical procedure now comes in consistency with that statement from an authorized Vatican source, which in November 2018 already recognized “errors” in the investigation of the ‘Gaztelueta case’. Now the truth arrives with all its force, unappealable, powerful and full of rigor. Now is the time to purge responsibilities, all of them, and to heal a child, now an adult, who suffered abuse and sexual assault, humiliation and humiliation at the hands of a criminal disguised as a religion teacher.

Now the circle that a sexual predator opened one day in the integrity of a minor, effortlessly breaking him into a condition of superiority that the Supreme Court of Spain had the inexplicable indecency to deny, one of the keys to lowering the sentence with respect to the ruling of the Biscay Court, begins to close in what is a ray of light that aims to be consistent and consistent with who had the courage to endure the consequences of aggression and humiliation, and integrity in reporting the crime. A hug son, from your mother, your father, your brother and the rest of those who have always been by your side, since in May 2011 you told that you had been abused and harassed at the Gaztelueta school. We will continue fighting so that your name and that of all the victims and survivors of pedophilia shine as it deserves despite those who try to create an abominable and lying eclipse.

Truth, Justice, Recognition, Reparation and Accompaniment!

* Juan Cuatrecasas Asua He is the father of the victim of the Gaztelueta school, and a founding member of ANIR (National Association of Stolen Children)