Saturday, May 21

GB Operator connects Game Boy cartridges to a PC | Digital Trends Spanish

Retro video games are never going to go out of style, especially thanks to emulation. However, there are people who prefer to play the original versions with their cartridges and everything and for them, there is a new peripheral that allows you to use Game Boy cartridges directly on a PC.

The GB Operator has been designed by the Epilogue company and is basically a module for Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance cartridges. The small device connects to the computer via USB and allows you to play – on Windows, Mac and Linux – with the original cartridges using an emulator.

The Epilogue application is based on the mGBA emulator, which allows support for controls and codes, but the company ensures that any Game Boy emulator is compatible.

Also, an interesting detail is that the GB Operator can detect any non-original cartridge from any of the Game Boy consoles. And those interested in creating their own Game Boy games and storing them in empty cartridges should know that these will work with the adapter as well.

And if the above was not enough, it also has support for the legendary Game Boy Camera. This rudimentary camera allowed to capture very small images (only 16 kilopixels) and those who have one, will also be able to use it with the GB Operator.

The GB Operator will go on sale in August and can now be reserved at the official Epilogue site. The price will be not expensive at all: $ 50 plus shipping costs (available to everyone), which will surely become a device highly sought after by collectors in general.

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