Monday, August 8

General Petraeus and former Ambassador Crocker called as early as April for the evacuation of US Afghan collaborators.



The general David Petraeus and the former ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker wrote a letter last month April to the secretary of state Antony Blink in which they asked for the evacuation of Afghan collaborators.

The letter called on the Biden administration to allow speed up visa processing for interpreters and all those who assisted or collaborated with US service members in Afghanistan.

“We conservatively estimate that the US needs relocate more than 10,000 applicants and their families in less than five months. This will require a massive increase in resources immediately ”, relates the letter.

Furthermore, Petraus and Crocker add: ‘Our troops return home with the honor they deserve, but if we leave behind to die the one who facilitated our mission, our nation’s honor will be indelibly stained“And they end by noting that” the resources that are necessary should be increased wherever they are necessary to provide security to these people. “

Currently, Joe Biden He is between a rock and a hard place over how the evacuation of Afghans who collaborated with the US Army in Afghanistan is being carried out. A part of the political class demands that he comply and make an effort to evacuate them, but the lack of foresight and a current of the Republican Party and its media allies opposed to the arrival of refugees is complicating the evacuation of the collaborators.

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