Tuesday, February 27

Generation Zoe Crypto Crashes 20% to Under 10 Cents

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The The company has been generating controversy in recent days due to the dissemination of investment offers with unusually high profits in dollars. That motivated even the National Securities Commission (CNV) to open a summary and announce that it would issue an international alert in the face of a possible irregular intermediation in the capital market.

“As a private investment, the trust is totally legal. What the CNV indicated, they should read the full text because some cut the sentence, it is the cessation of public offering. I take this opportunity to file a complaint. There are people who create false profiles and pages using our logos and making a public offer. We already have them identified and we are going to go criminally to Justice,” he said.

Cositorto also commented that he bought an ALyC and is in the process of filing to be able to operate as a broker in the country, but that the problem arose because “some feel they are the owners of the financial world in Buenos Aires” and are “with a little afraid because they think they own the business.

In that sense, The businessman assured that his public is different from that of the traditional financial market, because in this case they are students who must study for three years, for which he assured that his company is not a “pyramid”, due to the long period of permanence of those who enter.

“Zoe Cash is managed by supply and demand, like any cryptocurrency. We have purchased gold mines. These mines are to exchange coins, and that is an activity that we will do privately, where we are going to support the cryptocurrency with gold. The projects are medium and long term,” he said.

Cositorto added that his company continues to work, produce and has had a growth of 6800%, for which he affirmed that this is the reason for the criticism he has been receiving lately, since he understands that the “success” of his company draws attention. , but considered that he should put “limits on defamation” against him.

reported that an international alert will be issued on the IOSCO portal – an international organization that brings together all the world’s capital market regulators – and specific communications to the regulators of Colombia, Spain and Paraguay. They were informed of the opening of the investigation and alerted the other regulators and the investing public in general about the findings of this investigation.

“This Commission had already notified the aforementioned companies and Mr. Cositorto in October 2021, to immediately cease throughout the country any public offer of negotiation or other legal act with negotiable securities aimed at people in general, sectors or groups determined,” announced the CNV.

In a statement it was also stated that “by virtue of the persistence in advertising through social networks and national media and the repeated complaints and queries received by this body through its complaint channels and the Office of Attention the Investor, last December public opinion was alerted that GeneraciĆ³n Zoe SA is not a company regulated by this body and is not in the process of being registered to operate as a Settlement and Compensation Agent (ALyC). Cositorto and the University of Trading SA”.

The CNV assured that it took these measures in exercise of its powers established by Law No. 26,831 and “in order to protect the integrity and transparency of the national capital market, together with the protection of investors. In this line, it is analyzing the execution of additional measures in the face of the possible illegal collection of savings from the investing public”.