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Genius dogs can learn 12 words in a week | Digital Trends Spanish

We know that dogs have the ability to learn words that are part of human vocabulary.

Now, new research provides more details on so-called “genius” dogs and the number of terms they can understand.

According to a study carried out by Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, gifted animals can acquire words at a speed similar to that of human babies.

The researchers point out that dogs with a special ability to understand our language can learn up to 12 new words a week and continue to remember them after a period of two months.

Thus, these dogs can have a vocabulary that exceeds one hundred terms.

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The scientists carried out the tests with six dogs considered gifted and sent a box of toys for their owners to complement the tests at home.

“We knew these dogs were fast learners, but I was surprised that they were able to learn so many toys, so fast, and then remember them without mixing them up,” the researchers noted.

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