Friday, December 3

Georgie Dann, the interpreter of songs of the summer like ‘The barbecue’, dies

Georges Mayer Dahan, better known as Georgie Dann, died this Wednesday at the age of 81 in Madrid, where he resided. The singer was about to undergo a hip operation at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital, where he died, as reported by El Mundo.

Georgie Dann was born in 1944 in the French capital and attended the Paris Conservatoire for eight years until he became a skilled clarinetist. He also studied teaching and was a teacher in a school, where he composed humorous songs with his students. It was then that his pop and comic encore exploded, culminating with the songs of the summer. In 1965, after representing his country at the Mediterranean Festival, he settled in Spain, where he has lived all these years.