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German millionaire creates anti-COVID-19 vaccine and causes a stir | Digital Trends Spanish

The story is like what you would expect to read in a tabloid newspaper, but it took place in a first world country, one that is in fact one of the first global powers: Germany. There, the police had to stop an illegal vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in which the millionaire German doctor Winfried Stöcker was involved who, incidentally, is also a supporter of the German far right.

It was on Sunday, November 28, when the Federal Police stopped an illegal vaccination campaign at the Lübeck airport, in the north of the country. This had to intervene after, without the authorization of the health authorities, a vaccination campaign was announced at the airport owned by the businessman. The immunization did not have sanitary authorization because the drug in question was a vaccine manufactured by Winfried Stöcker himself.

When the police arrived there were about 100 people waiting to be vaccinated, while another 50 were already resting after their immunization.

A photograph of the German doctor and businessman Wilfried Stöcker

Stöcker is a controversial German businessman, not least because in 2015 he started a political campaign to overthrow the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel. The doctor has also been in the eye of the hurricane for his campaigns against the policy of asylum for migrants.

In early 2021, Stöcker announced that he was working on a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Unlike those that have been authorized by the World Health Organization and that use messenger RNA (Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik V), the one developed by Stöcker uses recombinant antigen, that is, it introduces a small part of the virus to the body to provoke an immune response.

Stöcker, reveals the portal I fucking love science, sent the documentation to request the authorization of the vaccine to the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, but it was rejected. “They sued me coldly,” Stöcker said of his vaccine for which he conducted clinical trials on five people.

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