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German police believe Madeleine McCann could have been forced into a den

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A ten-foot-deep dungeon in the former home of the main suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann constitutes the hiding place where the German Police suspect that Christian Brueckner He committed some of his misdeeds and even sexual abuse on the British girl who disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.

The mystery does not seem to have an end, although the agents have seen indications that they could tighten the fence. Thus, the discovery of somewhat deteriorated wooden dolls and lamps may be the sign that he was locking her in the hatch to satisfy his wishes.

In addition, it is a bit strange material because the lights are fairy-shaped and seem rather grotesque, which would indicate that Brueckner was perhaps trying to create a certain atmosphere.

The German police forces are convinced that the hole, located in the middle of the home, was the scene where he could ‘play’ with this and other minors, because the investigators’ files place him as an individual with a prior record.

But the Portuguese commissioner has not been long in coming to the fore Gonçalo Amaral, who took charge of the investigations and was in command during the first years. He did it to point his finger back at parents from Maddie, something that precisely had cost him the expulsion of the case.

Now he tends to appear on Portuguese television at times and he did not miss the opportunity to lash out at the german detectives They go in the direction of proving Christian Brueckner’s guilt.

Little Madeleine McCann
Little Madeleine McCann – Reuters

The twists and turns are constant in this dark affair, riddled with contradictions, as when a witness revealed on RTP, Portugal’s public television, that she was “sure” she had seen Madeleine McCann in a supermarket in Galé, near Praia da Luz, the corner of the Algarve where the girl disappeared from the hotel room where her parents had left her to go to dinner.

“It was three or four years ago and it was her, I know. I saw behind me, in line to pay, a teenage girl speaking German to another. I turned around, looked and recognized the girl by the spot on one eye [producto de un coloboma ocular], because I had noticed that detail when I saw the news about the case on television, “said the woman, who understood the German language.

Fourteen years of mystery

It has been 14 years since the little girl disappeared in the south of Portugal, a case that is becoming more and more complicated. To the investigations of the Portuguese Police and Scotland Yard, was added the growing role of the German security forces, since the suspect Christian Brueckner, who lived in the city of Hannover, came to the fore.

The German man was camped in a mobile home next to where the McCann family was staying in Praia da Luz, and hence they intervened in the events, according to the agents of their country.

To make matters worse, Brueckner confessed to a friend that he was fascinated by the story about the Austrian architect Josef Fritzl, who systematically raped his daughter in a dungeon where he kept her. Nothing less than 24 years lasted the ordeal of the minor, victim of the one known as’ Amstetten monster‘. For this reason, he was perhaps able to imitate the development of events.

Not content with such a morbid obsession, the suspect built a cabin in the back of the Seelze property, taking advantage of the garden space, and today investigators are concentrating there, given that he may have used it to keep Maddie captive. We are facing a completely different line of investigation from the one that presides over the work of her Portuguese and English colleagues: that the minor was, probably, murdered.

From London, however, some indications emerge from time to time that encourage the theory that she is alive, perhaps nothing casual in the case of the country where the parents settle. A couple whose existence is focused on everything that surrounds the thorny issue, although their behavior has been somewhat erratic throughout all these years.

So much so that the Algarve Judicial Police once made the assumption that the marriage he was playing an ‘too’ ambiguous role, a hypothesis that flooded the pages of the allusive book published by the aforementioned curator Gonçalo Amaral.

Kate y Gerry McCann They go out of their way to protect the privacy of their other two children: twins Sean and Amélie, so named because they loved the French movie of the same name. They were only two years old when their older sister disappeared suddenly and without a trace, as if she had evaporated. The intrigue remains and the passage of the years does not finish clearing it. Even when?

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