Wednesday, July 6

German police dismantle Russian darknet market Hydra | Digital Trends Spanish

The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office and the German federal police dismantled the operations of the Russian darknet market Hydra. Thanks to the operation, 543 bitcoins were confiscated, which is equivalent to about $25 million dollars.

Through a release, the authorities assured that Hydra “probably had the highest volume of business among the illegal markets in the world”. The investigation estimated its customers at 17 million and sellers at 19,000.

The Russian darknet market had revenues of $1.35 billion in 2020, they said. It is presumed that the platform was dedicated to the trade of drugs, documents, data and other illegal digital services.

German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle He asserted that Hydra experienced an “astonishing” growth of 634% between 2018 and 2020. Its meteoric rise, the source added, allowed it to account for three out of four illegal transactions carried out on the network.

The platform, whose servers and website were deactivated by the same German authorities, attracted “high-profile cybercriminals.” Among them, the outlet cited the DarkSide gang, which was linked to the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil pipeline in the United States.

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