Wednesday, October 27

German Social Democrats want to start negotiating with Greens and Liberals this week

The German Social Democratic Party (SPD), the most voted in the general elections this Sunday, has expressed this Tuesday its desire to begin as soon as possible with the Greens and Liberals (FDP) the previous talks with a view to the formation of a coalition government.

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“We are now focused on getting to work. We have invited Greens and Liberals to hold talks with us this week, if they want,” said the head of the parliamentary group of Social Democrats, Rolf Mützenich.

He added that the two potential junior partners should be aware that a “show” like the one of four years ago cannot be repeated, referring to the unsuccessful negotiations between conservatives, Greens and liberals that ended with the latter leaving the same.

He also expressed his hope that all parties could reach an agreement soon and stressed that what the people want is for a government to be formed as soon as possible.

Mützenich added that his party is ready to talk quickly and reliably, that they will do so behind closed doors, and has ensured that the difficulties that arise will be solved in parallel.

Regarding the important content for his party, he referred to what was stated by the Social Democratic candidate for the Chancellery, Olaf Scholz, regarding the minimum wage, housing and the development of an economy that is respectful with the climate and at the same time with the workers.

Mützenich made these statements before the first meeting of the new parliamentary group of Social Democrats, which will have 206 deputies in the new parliament, which will be constituted in four weeks.

Criticism of Laschet

For his part, the executive secretary of the FDP, Marco Buschmann, has asked the conservative bloc to define if it wants to try to form a government or if it wants to go to the opposition so that the other parties can set a negotiating agenda.

The candidate for the Chancellery of the conservative bloc, the head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Armin Laschet, has shown his willingness to try to form a coalition with the FDP and the Greens, despite having obtained the worst results in the history of his group .

However, from the CDU and its sister party, the Bavarian Social Christian Union (CSU), more and more voices are being heard pointing out that the conservatives should move into the opposition after the electoral defeat against the SPD and from the second row there are those who already ask for the resignation of Laschet as head of the group.

Currently, there are two possible majorities in parliament – one led by the CDU / CSU and the other by the SPD – and both with Greens and Liberals, with whom an agreement will have to be reached.

“From the CDU / CSU we get contradictory signals. They have to make clarity. At the end of this week all parties have to know who they should talk to,” Buschmann said. “The goal of the FDP is to form a coalition with ambitions,” he added.

The FDP and the Greens have already started talks between them to try to define common points and overcome clear differences to an alliance with one of the two major parties. The Liberals have recognized that they have more programmatic coincidences with the CDU / CSU while the Greens are closer to the Social Democrats.