Wednesday, August 10

Germany builds giant thermos to heat thousands of homes | Digital Trends Spanish

In Berlin they are concerned about the generation of energy for the medium term, all product of the Gas cuts from Russia to Germany product of the war with Ukraine. For this reason, the Vattenfall company is building a gigantic thermos to store hot water and heat thousands of German homes.

The tower is nearly 150 feet tall and can hold a staggering 15 million gallons of water. The building keeps near-boiling water heated at all times by using spare wind and solar electricity created by wind and solar farms, and can be used this winter if Russian gas is out, AP says.

“It’s a huge thermos that helps us store heat when we don’t need it,” said Tanja Wielgoss, who heads the Sweden-based company’s heat unit in Germany. “And then we can release it when we need to use it.”

How does this big thermos work?

Vattenfall’s Reuter power station will keep water brought to a near-boiling temperature using electricity from solar and wind power plants across Germany. During periods when renewable energy exceeds demand, the facility effectively acts like a giant battery, although instead of storing electricity it stores heat.

“Sometimes there’s a lot of electricity in the grids that can’t be used anymore, and then wind turbines need to be turned off,” Wielgoss said. “Where we are standing we can absorb this electricity.”

The facility will have a thermal capacity of 200 megawatts, enough to meet much of Berlin’s hot water needs in the summer and around 10% of what it requires in the winter. The vast insulated tank can keep water warm for up to 13 hours, helping to overcome short periods when there is little wind or sun.

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