Thursday, August 5

Germany could block access to popular pornography website | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the largest pornography websites in the world could be blocked in Germany due to the lack of a mechanism to prevent access by minors, according to reports Wired.

Although it has not officially confirmed the name of the site in question, the report indicates that it is xHamster. And the measure would be ready to be executed, by order of the Commission for the Protection of Minors (KJM for its acronym in German), a government body in Germany.

This measure, of course, is given as a consequence of actions that began in 2019. The KJM had requested four websites (Pornhub, MyDirtyHobby and Youporn, in addition to xHamster) to implement an age verification portal, in order to prevent minors from have access to adult content; Of the three sites mentioned, xHamster is said to have never responded to the request.

The KJM is looking to block the websites and to do so, it sent an order to the hosting provider xHamster, which operates from the Netherlands. However, this measure might not be effective, so the German government still has a card up its sleeve. And that is to perform a block at the internet operator level, so that the sites are not accessible for all geographically based connections in Germany.

While the idea of ​​blocking websites that do not comply with a system that protects minors may sound nice in theory, it has also received some criticism. Mainly, because its implementation could lead to additional problems that end in which companies of hosting move your servers to other countries.

And also, because a block of this type is also seen as censorship, something that for some people would even be comparable to what happens in China, a country in which the government determines which sites its citizens can access and which ones not.

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