Friday, September 24

Germany gets guarantees from the Taliban to continue evacuating people after August 31

Correspondent in Berlin



Immediately after Merkel has obtained the endorsement of the German Parliament for its policy on Afghanistan, the German diplomat Markus Potzel, stationed at the Afghan Embassy between 2014 and 2016 and appointed to establish contact with the Taliban, has reported that the first talks have been fruitful. The Taliban have accepted the German request to allow Afghan citizens that they present the proper visa can continue to leave the country on commercial flights beyond August 31. The assurance that this will be respected has been obtained during a meeting in Qatar with Sher Mohamad Abbas Stanekzai, Deputy Director of the Taliban political office in Qatar and recognized as a valid interlocutor by the German negotiator.

Germany has announced that its troops will leave Afghanistan and their tasks around the evacuation operation at the Kabul airport starting next Friday and is confident that the Taliban will ensure the operation of at least one airport in the Afghan capital. Potzel is negotiating how to proceed from that date and has expressed the “urgent need for a functioning airport in Kabul” as a precondition for the work of international organizations such as UNICEF, which are ready to continue supporting the Afghan population. with medications and first aid. The spokesman for the Taliban political office in Doha, Suhail Shahin, has reported for its part, referring to the meeting with Potzel, that the timely withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan paves the way for the resumption of civilian flights. People with legitimate documents could therefore travel on commercial flights after August 31.

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