Sunday, December 10

Germany reactivates a coal plant for electricity consumption after several cuts of Russian gas

Germany has already reactivated a first coal plant that was in a “reserve” situation to be used for electricity consumption, while it uses the Russian gas that continues to supply the Nord Stream gas pipeline to fill its deposits for the winter.

Gazprom suspends gas supplies to Latvia

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The purpose of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzgentur) is to no longer use gas for electricity supply, according to the weekly “Der Spiegel”.

At the moment, only one plant in Lower Saxony (center of the country) is being considered, in accordance with the plan approved on July 14 by the Ministry of Economy and Climate, which implies a de facto rethinking of the calendar of goodbye to that fossil energy.

The Finance Minister, the liberal Christian Linder, already spoke out last weekend in favor of not using more gas for electricity consumption.

Russian gas cuts

Despite the ten-day interruption of supplies via Nord Stream in mid-July, since after its restoration only approximately 20% of the capacity is being received in the country, German deposits have continued to slowly increase their level .

From the 64.5% that the deposits marked about ten days ago, it has gone to 68.5%, according to data from the Bundesnetzagentur.

The objective of the Minister of Economy and Climate Protection, the green Robert Habeck, is to reach 75% at the beginning of September and 95% in November, in order to guarantee the necessary gas supply for the winter.

Lindner’s Liberal Party (FPD) also proposes postponing the disconnection of the last three nuclear power plants in the country, which according to the nuclear blackout schedule should be deactivated at the end of this year.

Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s third coalition partner even proposes reactivating three other recently deactivated nuclear plants, which would be technically feasible.

Habeck’s greens rule out both options, although the more pragmatic currents of the environmental party itself began to not categorically rule out an extension of activity in the last three still in operation, beyond December 31, 2022.